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  1. Malochai

    Nuln: The Shadow War - OOC and Recruitment

    The City of Nuln Winter 2123 It is winter of the year 2123 (I.C) and the Empire has been riven apart by civil war for centuries, as some of its highest nobles dispute the claims of others for the right to rule Sigmar's realm. Otilia, Elector of Talabecland and fourth of her name, Lutwik of...
  2. Malochai

    Interest Gauge - TVC-verse Vampire RP

    So, whilst I don't have a plot-line ready, I'm wondering how many people would be interested in a vampire role play set in CN's TVC-verse. It would be before any of the events of either RP, but characters and whathaveyou will be crossable. The story is like to be set in Nuln, but given the...
  3. Malochai

    Shadows in the Night

    The River Rat had a sinister reputation amongst the lowliest peoples of Nuln. It was said amongst the other beer-sinks that if you walked in there, you could find anyone from a lowly pickpocket to cold-hearted killers and anything in between. As Nico sat in a shadowed corner from where he could...
  4. Malochai

    TVC II Supplemental Chapter 6: The Dragon's Disappearance

    The Blood Dragon was standing aside from the rest of the Council, the features hidden behind his lion-wrought mask twisted in contempt. On his belt he had hooked the Claw Blades which were, as far as he knew, unique in their design, and his golden armour glimmered dully as the light in the vast...
  5. Malochai


    Alright ... Where is it? It is clear it isn't a huge distance from Silver Pinnacle, but that is north-east of Sylvania in the World's Edge, whilst I always gained the impression that it was in the south of the mountain range, nearer the Badlands than those which would become the Empire! So...
  6. Malochai

    The Disciples of Blood

    Part I The hall was full of courtiers, each one painfully beautiful, their alabaster skin glowing in the pale witch-lights which hung from the ceiling on four immense chandeliers. Some sat around Bretonnian tables and Cathayan rugs as they sipped from tall, fluted wineglasses and others stood...
  7. Malochai

    The Sochi Winter Olympics

    So, has anybody been watching them? If so, what do you think? I have to say I like the curling ... And it helps the British are doing reasonably! The women's skeleton, of course, was good for us!
  8. Malochai

    The Scrolls of Malochai

    Malochai is a Name; a Name of Power spoken throughout the Known Worlde. None of the younger races know who Malochai is, and few of the Elder Races deign to care, but the Men of the Empire and Bretonnia drunkenly boast of meeting him - some say an elf whose true name Maelakai from Ulthuan scarred...
  9. Malochai

    Bitter Blood

    Bitter Blood is the tale of Caelon of Tor Caedroc and Ralnor of Hael Kar, as they become embroiled in an increasingly bitter blood feud - more-so than that which already exists between the Druchii and Asur. — — — Prologue XI, 78 The Eightieth Year of the Reign of Finubar the Seafarer...
  10. Malochai

    Warhammer Forge Book - Cancelled/Suspended?!

    Hey guys, I was over on Facebook earlier and saw that Forge World had put out what they claim is going to be the first of a weekly blog (we'll see how that goes!) but it unfortunately focusses 100% on Warhammer 40K - either miniatures or the HH books. As someone purely interested in Fantasy...
  11. Malochai

    Tyrion and Teclis - Last of the Blood of Aenarion (descended from Morelion)?

    So, having just finished Blood of Aenarion (I'm on a High Elf Kick at the moment, and got Bane of Malekith today so I'm rereading the trilogy), I'm wondering what people's opinions are. The Keeper of Secrets, N'Kari, attacked the Temple of Asuryan in an attempt to kill Tyrion and Teclis and...
  12. Malochai

    The Resurrection of Wolfenburg

    Prelude “Are you sure this is a good idea?” the small man asked his larger companion. His only response was a condescending, withering glare before the other man spurred his destrier onwards, shaking his head. “Well that’s thanks for you,” he muttered, shaking his head, and urging his own...
  13. Malochai

    Base Companies!

    Hey guys, I'm looking for companies which do scenic/moulded bases, like this one:- http://www.base-x-of-war.com/index.html I like their bases, but I'm looking for something a bit more 'dark elf'! Any help would be appreciated!
  14. Malochai


    Not sure whether this truly belongs here, as it may not be a true bug, but:- I've been trying to add some stuff to my signature, etc, and finding that I can't - I get told I'm exceeding the character limit. I just checked what my character count actually is, and it's 592 (572 without spaces)...
  15. Malochai

    Gamezone's Dark Elf Knights on Predators

    I'm considered purchasing some of these (i.e. an entire unit of these) due to the fact that I feel the 'predators' are more like how cold ones should look than the cold ones do. My question is, are these miniatures good quality? Are there huge gaps between the pieces or the like? Cheers...
  16. Malochai

    TVC II Supplemental Chapter 0: (Flashback) Fragments of the Past

    This is a thread which I will add to from time to time, as the mood takes me, which will detail parts of Shah's/Markus' past. Flashback I - Druchii Encounter Shah/Markus' Age: 230 Shah al-Hamid looked over the coast to his left as his steed - the same steed he had bought from Couronne...
  17. Malochai

    Raging Heroes Dark Elf Concepts - Picture Heavy

    Hey guys, the team at Raging Heroes have released a lot of concept art for their upcoming Dark Elf army - although, by upcoming, I mean at some point in the future, and not within the next couple of weeks or months! (A certain other company having just released theirs, it wouldn't be a good idea...
  18. Malochai

    Action: The Hakseer (NSFW)

    Potential NSFW Content The Hakseer The docks of Clar Karond were all but empty of slaves and corsairs as Viseryn rode along the stone quays atop his jet-black steed; it was early in the year even for most of the hardened raiders, but Viseryn had insisted - a longer season meant more chance for...
  19. Malochai

    Recruitment and OOC: The Hakseer

    The Druchii House Tagarys is ancient, resplendent and extremely wealthy; based in Clar Karond, Malekith’s shipyard, they are Beastmasters of great renown, capable of bending even the dragons of Caledor to their will given the time. The Fighting Pits of the city use fierce creatures from the pens...
  20. Malochai

    The Hakseer

    Viseryn, the youngest child of Rhaego Tagarys, one of four sons and two daughters, is on the cusp of adulthood, and stands on the brink tearing at the leash which holds him back - the completion of his Hakseer. The ‘great’ Rhaego has organised a corsair ship for him, The Bloodwrack, the vessel...