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  1. Count Erick

    Vampires and aging, some personal woes.

    Well, whenever I originally conceived of the background for my own Vampire Lord a few years ago, I made the age he had died about my own. Now that I'm older, I'm starting tot think of him more and more as being older, and I'm wanting to change it so he is older. Well, vampires dont age. :P...
  2. Count Erick

    Index Astartes: The Maryannu Coven

    My soul died with Prospero burnt to dust I felt them all die their horror was mine Every wound inflicted each crying soul Holding on to life through their torment And through the haze of agony passed to me One single thought only then could I think It cut through me then like the fangs of the...
  3. Count Erick


    Well......hmm...I'm gona try to express myself the best I can here. I don't feel very comfortable attracting attention to myself like this, but I feel like I owe it to you guys. I havent been active for awhile, but a lot of you know me, and you also probably know I have some problems with anger...
  4. Count Erick

    The Tiamat Tendril

    In the dieing days of the 41st millennium, Hive Fleet Leviathen smashed its way upwards from the galactic plane into the vulnerable underbelly of the Imperium. One of the worlds set in its sights was the vital and powerful Forge World of Gryphonne IV, the home of one of the most honored Titan...
  5. Count Erick

    The Book of Magnus

    The Book of Magnus is a colossal tome of arcane knowledge, collected, summarized and abridged by non other than Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons. I was recently granted permission to glance upon this magnificent tome of blasphemous knowledge, and of particular note was the many...
  6. Count Erick

    Index Astartes; The Exorcists

    Disclaimer: The Exorcists where created by Games Workshop for their Armageddon Campaign, given an article on the official website and a small entry in the new codex, this is all the official fluff we have of them, and I will include it here in. However, I have taken the liberty of...
  7. Count Erick

    Temple Guard Army, 2250 points

    Heya guys. :) I really love the new Temple Guard models for Lizardmen, and I've been flirting with the idea of doing a Temple Guard themed army. Here's my test list. Tell me what ya think! Chakax = 335 points Skink Priest w/ 2 Dispel Scrolls = 115 points Skink Priest w/ 2 Dispel...
  8. Count Erick


    hey guys, here's the first chapter in a series of background stories I'm writing for my Werewolf themed VC army. Its been a long time since I've written anything this long, so any comments and criticism is welcome! :) Thanks for reading. Chapter 1 Breaking the Leash "Fire!" ordered...
  9. Count Erick

    Immune to Fear, Stubborn Saurs!

    Well, I just got done playing a 2250 game against Lizardmen, and my opponent pulled a nifty little combo here that I honestly don't know how to counter. He had: Slaan BSB with 20 or so temple guard. The Slaan had some 100 point magical horn that made all Cavalry models Stubborn. A Skink priest...
  10. Count Erick

    Daemon Blood?

    This thought hit me, and I was wondering what you guys thought about it. When Daemons enter the physical world, they get physical bodies that can be 'slain' (sent back to the realm of chaos). Well, would it be possible for a Vampire to drink the blood of a Daemon while it had its physical...
  11. Count Erick

    Vampires of Wallachia

    Well, here is my Lord for my Vampire Counts army, Count Erick von Strauss. I should have some picks of the Countess and Knight up soon. let me know what you think!
  12. Count Erick

    How do we fight Jurassic Park lists?

    So, we have all heard the rumors and many of us have even seen the new Lizardmen codex. So what can we Vampire players do against an army with 4-6 stubborn, Immune to psychology Stegadons? Any ideas?
  13. Count Erick

    Wallachia, the Compleat Collection

    A Travelers Guide of Wallachia by the Brothers Mort Forward The land of Wallachia is a land with rich natural beauty and many man made wonders. Located in the north east of the Boarder Princes, the Kingdom of Wallachia has gained a dark reputation due in no small part to the nocturnal...
  14. Count Erick

    Vampire Dragon

    I dont like the Zombie Dragon, I just dont like the idea of it, and I love the High Elf dragon model, so here is something I came up with. Let me know what you think. A product of powerfull necromantic spells and large ammounts of tainted vampiric blood, Vampire Dragons are fearsom beasts...
  15. Count Erick

    Blood Drops and Cherry Blossoms

    Heya, just a short story I did for fun and to expand a bit on my Vampire. The sun was going down over the water, a haze around its golden edges. A cool wind blew and the tree next to him moved gently to the breeze, a few pink petals flying on the wind to settle on the lazy stream below the...
  16. Count Erick

    2250 List

    Heya, this is a list I am thinking about useing, I was just wondering what peoples oppinion on it would be. Thanks. :) Vampire Lord w/ Blood Drinker, Walach's Bloody Hauberk, Talisman of Lycni, Infinite Hatred, Aura of Dark Majesty, Bequile - 400 points Vampire w/ Dispel Scroll...