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  1. Forge

    Character front zombie backing list

    Hey y'all I've been playing with a stupid cheesy game play idea I'll run by all of you. 2500 undead legion Heroes: Necromancer Lvl 2 undeath Cursed book Tomb prince Dragon helm GW Tomb prince GW Wight king GW Wight king GW Wight king GW Wight king GW Wight king GW Wight king GW...
  2. Forge

    Army of Gal'ruhn Pass (undead legion)

    Hey y'all here's my undead legions army in progress, I've been playing for the better part of 14 years and used to model and paint for a local store back home. Once I joined the military however I've been out of the game for a bit, I sold my old VC army to buy new models to start this army up...
  3. Forge

    2500 pt Undead Legion Gut Buster list

    Heres a tournament list I've ran in a few uncomped tournaments, usually people bring their nastiest lists so I do as well. I normally play Swedish comped lists in friendly games and comped tournaments. Here's my nasty one. I'm 8-0 with this list with most my games ending in massacres because my...
  4. Forge

    Forge's Ard Boyz tourny list

    I should dominate the magic phase against most armies, zombies act as a huge tar pit which i use to avoid things like large blocks of tzeetch chosen with halberds, flaming banner and the eye of the gods roll that gives them stubborn and a 4+ ward(3+), my lord is tossing out WS 10 with helm of...
  5. Forge

    Steadfast? super broken

    I didnt think so, but went back and reread it, steadfast can ever only be denied by the enemy being in a forest, and having more ranks then your opponent PERIOD, regardless if you have a flank charge and 2+ ranks. Our game just got so much harder....
  6. Forge

    Revamp of my scout lord idea

    Previously Vampire Lord 385 Forbidden Lore Death Hunter in the Dark Dark Acolyte Wristbands of Black Gold Flayed Hauberk Earthing Rod Talisman of the Lycni New less fluffy ugly looking vampire Points: 390 nix lvl boost & PoS/440 nix PoS/410 nix lvl boost/460 Vampire Lord...
  7. Forge

    2000pts tournament list, todays local tournament winner

    Did pretty well, Grave guard stood up to a multi charge from 15 chosen with Tzeetch, 2 warshrine buffs (Stubborn 4+ ward so 3+, and +1 attack) with their tzeetch general and a nurgle sorcerer inside in the front along with a block of 30 HW Shield marauders with Tzeetch and a BSB with...
  8. Forge

    Forges 2k Tournament list

    Straight forward besides the lord, run him around killing war machines and characters, purple suns whatever he does it all because hes still a lord.
  9. Forge

    My philosophy: point to list comparison 8th edition

    I think the general consensus around the community would be that characters are what define a vampire count army, and ultimately are the changes to most of our lists and provide us with the building blocks of our strategy, at least me anyways. I don't know about all of you, but I intend to...
  10. Forge

    Zombie redirect ownage

    So I've done this in the past to avoid being charged, but always allowed my opponent to reform after combat resolution killed off the zombies. I looked back through the BRB and can't find anything allowing a reform after unstable occurs. From what i can find you only get a reform after a unit is...
  11. Forge

    2800 Points of pure suck it

    All the wight kings and the caster vampire lord in the 42 man block of skellies deployed 5 wide, all the characters step forward in the combat phase. other tricksters shard guy in the center, sword of kings guy issues challenges Helm thrall in the 29 man skellie block kept within 12 inches of...
  12. Forge

    MotBA, power pool or not, sentence I overlooked

    Pg. 33 last paragraph in the first column above the picture of the slann hidden under IRRESISTIBLE FORCE "All dice rolled count towards irresistible force, regardless of whether the dice were power pool dice, or granted as a bonus from a special rule or magic item." I think this...
  13. Forge

    Make ways and command groups

    I was playing today, and my opponent had a 3x3 Ogre bull unit with a BSB character in it, with a standard, musician, and champion. He says that he does a make way and displaces his musician to the second rank, is this legal? this is what the setup looked like. C= champion M = Musician S =...
  14. Forge

    Ard Boys 3000 pt nastyness

    Lords Mannfred Von Carstein 565 Skull Staff Earthing Rod Heroes Wight King Drakkenhoff Banner Vampire 180 Forbidden Lore (death) Power Scroll Talisman of Lycni Vampire 165 Forbidden lore (Light) Helm of Commandment...
  15. Forge

    Black Coach and MotBA

    Heres my question to the community, I feel i already know the answer but id like to see how the rest of you feel. For example. you have 2 casters with MotBA's you roll a 10 for your WoM Your coach sucks up 3 so do you have a total of 9(2 Belonging to the Vampires with MotBA's)...
  16. Forge

    Only reason I will ever take Mannfred.

    He can have 2 extra arcane items at the same time. so Skull staff, and Book of Ashur for a total of +6 to cast and dispel, expensive as hell but thats bloody good. plus he has forbidden lore x2, MotBA, ect. what do you guys think? 630 pts, for the 2 arcane items, and him on a barded steed...
  17. Forge

    Comet of Cassandora!

    Its freaking amazing now, im almost considering this over a death vampire with power scroll. its a minimum strength 5 hit that does 2d6+1 damage to units within 2d6 inches. you cast the 24+ version and its minimum strength 6 2d6+2 hits. it owns face and it cant be dispelled after you cast it...
  18. Forge

    Magic Items

    it was brought to my attention that a character can only have 1 magic item from each category Magic Armor Magic Weapons Enchanted Items Talismans Arcane Items I originally thought you could have multiple pieces as long as it doesn't equip in the same slot IE you cant have 2 shields...
  19. Forge

    2400 Tournament List magic heavy

    Hello fellow gamers! I have my second tournament today with my Vampire counts in 8th edition and this is the list i have compiled over the 15+ hours ive been contemplating about it. I'll let everyone know how it does by the end of the day. Lords Vampire Lord 435 PTS. Forbidden...
  20. Forge

    Konrad Von Carstein best combat hero in the game?

    Wow, he looked good on paper when coupled with a vamp with Forbidden lore beasts, but he performed much more spectacularly when actually put to use. for a measly 145 points you get red fury, 4 attacks(5 if hes frenzied) for every wound caused he does two(works on multi wound models only) and...