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  1. logan054

    My other bits and bobs

    And here's some of the Various bits and bobs I've been working on.
  2. logan054

    My vampires

    Well I'm back to painting after a very long break.
  3. logan054

    Khorne Stuff

    Well thought I might slap up a few of the things I've been putting on instagram. Khorne Marauders Skullreapers of Khorne More bits on my instagram https://instagram.com/markbed82/
  4. logan054

    2000pts Vampire Counts List

    Lords Vampire Lord - lvl 1 sorcerer - Lore of Vampires - Barded nightmare - Heavy Armour - Sword of Anti Heroes - Enchanted Shield - Talisman of Preservation - Quick Blood - Red Fury - Beguile Master Necromancer - lvl4 wizard - Lore of Vampires - Book of Arkhan Troops 5 Direwolves 5...
  5. logan054

    2400pts VC List

    Its been a while since I posted a list, I need to redesign/tweak my army a bit as we have a much more competitive player in the area (and I have gotten to use to player in a much softer meta). Lord Countess Verona Jinette Vampire Lord - lvl 1 sorcerer - Lore of Vampires - Shield...
  6. logan054

    2400pts Lists

    Basically I'm thinking of taking one of two lists to a tournament thats coming up Lord Vampire Lord - lvl 1 sorcerer - Lore of Vampires - Sword of Anti-Heroes - Armour of Destiny - Quick Blood - Red Fury Necromancer Lord - lvl 3 sorcerer - Lore of Death - Black Periapt Heroes - lvl...
  7. logan054

    lahmian vampires

    Just a quick one really, can anyone think of some viable vampire vampire builds (without thrones) that will fit nicely into a 2k list without being mounted? I had actually wondered about a ghoul king as a base, main problem I am seeing would be the low magic levels.
  8. logan054

    Confusion with my List

    Well my mate has just started lizardmen however for a twist, this isn't a thread about how to power up my list, this is a list to figure out if my list needs toning down slightly to make the game more interesting. First off is his list at 2k (Well roughly) Slaan BSB (sometimes razor...
  9. logan054

    2k Vampire Counts list

    Here we go, another list, I have to admit with the 3rd vampires I wasn't really using his spells that often, he was rather amusing for killing enemy lords so I think he will make a return for the 2400pts list. I'm still trying to decide the best places for my characters, first thought is the...
  10. logan054


    Well after playing several games now I think I have come up with something that will work a lot more effectively while being far more with the theme which is sort of a crossbreed of van helsing, classical vampire and Lahmian. So main things I have removed, Red fury, I've used it a few times...
  11. logan054

    2k Vampire counts List

    At the moment I am playing around with a few list ideas so I can plan my next purchase at the end of the month, I have been toying with he idea of not taking a vampire lord and terrorgheist and this is what I came up with. Hugo with the skeleton warriors, verona with the grave guard and Aleera...
  12. logan054

    2k Lahmian themed list

    Right so its pay day today and I want to iron out a few ideas before I go spend my hard earned cash on the bits I need to get my VC 2k list ready. So Vampire lord with the Grave Guard, vampire with the skeletons (not sure on the unit size here :( ) The theme is kind of Lahiman, Van...
  13. logan054

    Crypt horrors

    Before I go spend some cash on these guys I'm wonder what people actually think of them? What do they add to the list? I'm really thinking of using them because they seem like the best choice for count as werewolves. I already plan on getting a large block of ghouls in the list, do I need...
  14. logan054

    W: DE, VC, old empire, space wolf stuff

    Hey I am looking for a few bits for my Vampire counts army: Mantic Zombies (60 odd) 10 Teutogen guard (don't mind if they are painted, bits missing, just need them for conversions) 10 Fenrisian Wolves Also looking for a few bits for my Dark Elves army: 10 spearmen 10 RXB's 5 Black Guard
  15. logan054

    Vampires restarted

    Well finally I am going to finish my Vampire counts off, first off is the list I will be using, updates wont be that fast as I am working on 3 armies at the same times for warhammer (WoC revamp, finish my Dark elves and these guys) plus working to many days a week. Basic theme of the list is...
  16. logan054

    Tzeentch Warriors of Chaos army (Ebay)

    I am looking for the following: Wolf Tails Complete wolf guard assault cannon arms 8 missile launchers (don't mind AoBR) couple of space wolf torsos for long fang sergeants any little space wolf bits really to make marines look more space wolfie 4 combi-meltas Old Blood Claw sergeant Old wolf...
  17. logan054

    2k list

    Lords Vampire Lord - level 3 Wizard - Lore of Vampires - Quickblood - Dread Knight - Sword of Might - Glittering Scales - Talismans Preservation Total 420pts Heroes Vampire - Lore of Vampires - Great Weapon - Quickblood - Armour of Destiny Total 193pts Troops 39 Skeleton Warriors -...
  18. logan054

    2000pts Grey Knight List

    Well here it is, I am wondering if I might be better off giving the GM a incinerator rather than Master Crafting his Nemesis force halberd, he would then go with the 5 Paladins with 2 incinerators in the Redeemer. The other 5 with 2 psycannons go with the Venerable in the stormraven, obviously...
  19. logan054

    1750pts Grey Knights Lists

    Well another topic, I have been stuck for a while and trying to decide on a list for my GK's, I have been stuck betweem two builds. The first list is the list I mainly use, it works fine but I feel the termies a slight weak link, I have been thinking that making them Paladins would be a...
  20. logan054

    1750pts Blood Ravens List

    HQ Librarian - Terminator Armour - Stormshield - Vortex of Doom - Null Zone Total 140pts Elite Venerable Dreadnought - Assault Cannon - Extra Armour - Drop Pod Total 225pts Dreadnought - Drop Pod Total 140pts 5 Terminators - Assault Cannon - Chainfist Total 235pts...