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  1. Bounce

    Additonal hand weapons and shields

    I am looking over my rule book and there is nothing saying that taking an additional hand weapon actually requires two hands (pg 91). Does this mean you can still get a save in combat when armed with a shield and additional hand weapon? Am I missing something?
  2. Bounce

    VAU: Tale of Quitzal; IC Thread

    NOTE: Am still accepting sign ups until next THURSDAY 5th of September. The more the merrier! This will run until either there is a winner or the 24th of October. If things are not finishing up I will increase the chances of death. This week is just for introducing your characters. This...
  3. Bounce

    Potential Alternative Vargulfs

    What are people's thoughts on the following as Varghulfs? Also the Forgeworld Preyton? http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Warhammer/Warhammer_Monsters/PREYTON.html I already have a stack of Reaper Lupines as my Vargheists.
  4. Bounce

    VAU: The tale of Quitzal; Sign up/Interest

    Here are my thoughts. Will likely start on the 1st of September. So I have time to finalise these mechanics. If you have any ideas feel free to throw them at me. Quitzal entered his masters room, carrying a large stone tablet with his claws. “Master, Lord Frotek!” He sqeuaked with great...
  5. Bounce

    1500 points

    There is a smaller tournament coming up in October and am looking at scaling back my normal list. Current thoughts are Vampire Lord- Heavy Armour, Shield, Dragonhelm, Ogreblade, Quickblood, Red Fury, Lv 1 (Vampires) Vampire- Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Striking, Red Fury, Lv 2...
  6. Bounce

    Wight King or Vampire BSB

    Am pretty happy with most of my army at the moment but have been tossing up whether to take a Wight King BSB or a Vampire BSB to back up my Vampire Lord. I need the standard for Blood and Glory and a second choppy character would be useful. The Vampire is more expensive but can take Vampiric...
  7. Bounce

    The fall of Prince Bounce

    Wrote up a bit of fluff for my army and felt like sharing it. :) Army list can be seen here-> https://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-First-vampire-list-Advice-needed My army can be seen here -> https://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-Everyday-we-re-shufflin Prince Bounce sat proudly on his pure...
  8. Bounce

    Everyday we're shufflin

    So I just bought a new Vampire army after getting a bit tired of my orcs and goblins always running off. the fluff behind my army is based on an elven prince whom during a battle is bitten by a vampire :suck: but manages to survive but slowly succumbs to vampirism. Now many centuries later he...
  9. Bounce

    First vampire list- Advice needed.

    Finally got my book and so have been writing up my list looking at 2400 points. Vampire Lord- Lv 4, Red Fury, Quickblood, Heavy Armour, Shield, Dragonhelm, Ogre Blade, Talisman of Preservation. Wight King- BSB, Great Weapon, Nightshroud Tomb Banshee Tomb Banshee Cairn Wraith Cairn...