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  1. IvorTangrean


    My friend is starting a Skaven army and I am worried about his clanrats does anyone have any advice for dealing with them?
  2. IvorTangrean

    2.5K VC list

    This is the list I am looking at running for the next little while. My opponents are Elves ( all three ), Chaos Mortals and maybe Skaven and Dwarfs. Vampire Lord A perfect character killer Sword of Anit-Heros Armour of Destiny The other Trickster's Shard Luckstone Infinite Hatred Red...
  3. IvorTangrean

    Value of this combat lord setup?

    Vampire Lord Sword of Strife Dragonhelm Potion of Strength Talisman of Endurance Infinite Hatred Red Fury Dread Knight 6 attacks with red fury and infinite hatred 1+ armour save 5+ ward 2+ ward ws flaming attacks
  4. IvorTangrean

    Aura of Dark Majesty

    I think there may be a revival of the AoDM power in 8th. Between the WS 1 effect of fear and the steadfast rule having the ability to know that your opponent is going to be at -1 LD is a thing not to be taken lightly. Also combine with a unit of GG ( WS 3 ) and the screaming banner and watch...
  5. IvorTangrean

    Magic lance Nerf?

    I saw this while skimming my copy of the new rule book and wanted your guys opinion on this. Lances are not used on turns you are not charging*, but you must always use your magic weapon. So does that mean that you switch to your hand weapon or continue to use your magic lance? * as...
  6. IvorTangrean

    IvorTangrean's Tale of X Gamers

    So the new rulebook is not quite out yet but I figured I would post my starting point and get the ball rolling. What can I say I am itching to start painting these guys, so this will have to do for now. My army is almost all Mantic models as they look great and you can't beat the price. Anyway...
  7. IvorTangrean

    What next

    Ok so I have purchased 60 Skeletons and 20+ Grave Guard as well as some Characters on foot. I was debating on what to buy next, and thinking that I would buy either a Corpse Cart or a Varghulf. I do also plan on getting Black Knights and Wraiths from Mantic when they become available. Anyway...
  8. IvorTangrean

    2000 pts Magic & Combat Blend

    Vampire Lord Magic Level Blood Drinker Crown of the Damned Power Stone Forbidden Lore Infinite Hatred Dread Knight Lord of the Dead Wight King BSB Skeletal Steed Barding Sword of Kings Nightshroud Vampire Hellsteed Sword of Battle Wristbands of Black Gold Dark Acolyte...
  9. IvorTangrean

    1500 pt general purpose list

    So I am looking for a 1500pt list that I can make and continue to run for the foreseeable future. As such I need it to be an all comers list, but I will face mostly Elves ( all three kinds ). List: Vampire - General Biting Blade The Flayed Hauberk Black Periapt Dark Acolyte Lord of...
  10. IvorTangrean

    First List 1000pts

    So I am just starting a Vampire Counts army and am at the same time introducing my cousin the game ( He has learnt to play 40k over the last few months, so he knows some of the basics ). Anyway without further ado here is my first list: Vampire Biting Blade The Flayed Hauberk Black Periapt Dark...
  11. IvorTangrean

    Greatings from the great white north

    Good evening all, I have been playing 40K and fantasy for about ten years now and am just branching out into a second fantasy army. Going from Lizardmen to Vampires is going to be an interesting change of pace both in modelling and game play. Thank you in advance for any advice and tactics...