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  1. dot hash

    1000pts list for my first games

    Hi I am looking for some advice on my first small army to practice with :) Grand Host of Nagash for the Grave Guard to be battleline. Vampire Lord (Mounted on Nightmare) (140) -Aura of Ages -Lifebane -Amaranthine Orb I am wondering if flying is better than mounted? Especially for the spell to...
  2. dot hash

    Thread Under Construction, Army Under Construction!

    Hi, this seems like a forum with some really cool pictures and info about people making unique armies, so I wanted to start sharing my stuff! I'm totally new to AoS and I am planning to make YouTube videos about my army from square one to completion! However, I couldn't wait that long before...
  3. dot hash

    Everything has round 40k bases!?! o_0

    Hey just intro-ing, I recently got back into Warhammer so all the AoS stuff is new to me and I'm just getting a grasp on the Death faction as it is currently. So I'll be looking for lots of advice and experience if it's available! Kind of worried about manually moving zombies one at a time lol....
  4. dot hash

    Hexwraiths and Other Ethereal Units

    Hi! :) So this week I decided to get back into Warhammer. Turns out it's AoS now! Everything is crazy! I got a bunch of stuff from the death faction, Vampire Counts were alway my favourite. I'm struggling with deciding between Hexwraiths and Black Knights for a set I got. Basically, I'm not...