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  1. Unas the slayer

    Unas the Slayer's Terrains

    I have started to build some terrains, basically just for 40k, but in the future i will do the same thing also for fantasy. The plan is to have lots of pieces, made as cheap as possible, using materials such: - polystirene - junk - discarded bits - other occasional cheap materials This...
  2. Unas the slayer

    Meeting engagements: tips and lists

    The new GHB2019 gifted us with Meeting Engagements rules. You should know the drill: 1000 pts, you divide the army in 3 parts: Spearhead, Main Body, Rearguard. Each one arrives during different rounds. Many restrictions apply (limited sized units, and so on). just a very short summary...
  3. Unas the slayer

    Show us your other armies (undead-themed)

    A brief premise. This thread is NOT for undead armies with some other flavor (for example, Empire's troops used as zombies, so a VC army that visually remembers something else… @Borgnine is a master of those). This thread is for your other armies, played with the rules of those armies, BUT...
  4. Unas the slayer

    Warhammer's history

    I suppose this can go here…. Some really interesting stuff from Vince Venturella... It's a nice summary about warhammer's history https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUJbODqFMA0
  5. Unas the slayer

    A time to remember - my 2nd short story

    A while ago, I asked for help / review of a short story I was writing for a competition on Lustria online. @Alabaster427 gave me some help and advices (thanks!), and after a couple of drafts, i submitted my story in the comp (the theme was "the power of music"), taking the second place, for one...
  6. Unas the slayer

    A cry for help

    I'm completing a new short story, which I'm going to use as my entry in a writing competition that's happening on Lustria Online, with "the power of music" as theme (by rules, Lizardmen / Seraphon must be involved, or at least mentioned). Anyway, my story is almost finished, and it involves a...
  7. Unas the slayer

    Unas' Skirmish Reports

    In THIS THREAD I will keep the BatReps of my large-scale battles, basically all the ones that I will play with AoS GHB. This thread will be instead dedicated to my BatReps with my warbands, using AoS skirmish rules. SO, here we go, my first rep with skirmish. Death Nighthaunt vs Dwarfs _...
  8. Unas the slayer

    You know you're too much into warhammer when...

    ...You plan your vacation, starting the journey on sunday (6th of august) and coming back home on friday (18th of august), because the gaming day is saturday, and so you will lose just one session. your turn.
  9. Unas the slayer

    General's Handbook II announced!

    here we go OK, it seems to be plenty of new things. Many of them are interesting ones, but two things captured my interest.. "The General’s Handbook is to be the mechanism by which the game is continually supported every year" "The new book will cover Allegiance Abilities for the likes of...
  10. Unas the slayer

    Skirmish lists and tactics

    Reading the skirmish book and after a couple of games, i would like to share some considerations and hear you opinions. ONE: Magic is far more important than in AoS large battles: just to name one, Arcane Bolt is devastating; it can automatically (or with a high chance) kill a model: a mere...
  11. Unas the slayer

    UNBROKEN - a short story

    I like to write, and most of all I like to write short stories (as some of you that follow Khemri forum already know)... however, the language barrier is no small difficulty, the need to polish the pieces, the doubts, Real Life that asks for attention: all those things are not easy to deal with...
  12. Unas the slayer

    Unas' battle reports

    Following the example of Alabaster, I have decided that it's better to keep in a single thread my casual BatReps. For grand tournament, we'll see. List of BatReps: GHB 2016: Death vs Beastclaw riders, 1500 pts (the one in the following post) Death vs Slaves to Darkness, 1000 pts Death vs...
  13. Unas the slayer

    Shooting and LOS

    I recall to have read something on the matter of Line of Sight regarding units with multiple models, maybe on GW facebook page, but I'm not able to find anything. The question is: if a model in a unit doesn't see the target, can it shoot to it? The immediate answer would be "no", but what I...
  14. Unas the slayer

    An AoS tournament

    At our gaming shop, we organized a full campaign. We have a map with various territories, each one using the rules for specific terrains features and so on. You start in your own territory and you expand by invading the adiacent ones. when you invade someone else's territory, you fight for the...
  15. Unas the slayer

    AoS: tactic tips

    I've stumbled upon a blog that's focused on Age of Sigmar tactics It's pretty new, given that for now there are just a couple of articles, but the stuff is good, so... here it is
  16. Unas the slayer


    how to... deal with the limitations on threadomancy? I see some discussions that are left for dead since more than the 6 months limit, but I would like to post in them... but at least in one there is no real dscussions, and so I don't know if I can consider it as a "topic that is still...
  17. Unas the slayer

    Battleline units: what's your flavor?

    Matched plays require to field battleline units, but I saw that there are really different approaches in the way of choosing and using battlelines. ONE given that i need to pick them, i will invest on them. Battleline units are usually cheap, and gain bonuses when fielded in hordes, so 10...
  18. Unas the slayer

    Flee before me!

    Living dead are THE supernatural horror, by tradition living beings are terrorized by the mere sight of undead legions. So, I was thinking on a list based on this idea. As I wrote in my first post in the fresh blood subforum, I know well Tomb Kings and I'm less used to VC, so I would really like...
  19. Unas the slayer

    An old dead arrives

    First of all, happy new year! I'm Unas, a Moderator on Tomb Kings of Khemri forum, and I'd like to consider myself here, as a sort of Ambassador on diplomatic mission. We all know that, after the ending of WHFB and the advent of Age of Sigmar, the game community suffered and shattered into...