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  1. Voltaire

    Countdown from 20,000

  2. Voltaire

    The Chronicles of the House of Valda - A New World

    The resistance of the church doors had been minimal as Valda took a moment to let his eyes adjust to a room which actually had light in it instead of the cold shimmer of moonlight. The chanting was now much louder. The scene laid out like a tapestry though was more than enough to make up for the...
  3. Voltaire

    So.....How's Things Going?

    Well I certainly remember you but one does when handing over the keys to the kingdom! I still can't read your name without thinking how a Disco of Nagash would actually look. Shadespire has been the hook that brought me back after the Ynnari got me into 40k. My slow realisation was that my love...
  4. Voltaire

    GW Alternatives

    Side note but the Zombicide Black Plague board game have cool alternate zombies and Necromancers. Their expansions also include suitable dire wolves, ghouls, chainrasp and a rather amazing zombie dragon. I'm going to be using them as proxies while I make my death horde again.
  5. Voltaire

    Warhammer Legends

    They could but that means double manufacturing the bases and not being able to do dynamic poses for old models that got upsated, like the incoming black coach. It doesn't make much business sense.
  6. Voltaire

    New Nighthaunts

    That which is dead, eh @Disciple of Nagash ? I've genuinely only recognised you but I'm also older and more likely to forget things now! One thing that is getting me more excited about this release is the new myrmourn banshees. The explosion of Nagashs psyche means that the future potential of...
  7. Voltaire

    New Nighthaunts

    This model is the one that drew me back in. L. The thought of whatever is under that veil being so hideous it could shatter as man's soul is such a wonderful and delicious concept to play with. Nagash is so lenient that whoever is under the veil must have somehow been worse to Nagash than...
  8. Voltaire

    New Nighthaunts

    The new bits have drawn me back to the great "ever after" as a force. I've dusted off my old WFB army ready to update it because of how appealing these are as a concept. They remind very much of the Council Of Nagash from TVC, many years ago.
  9. Voltaire

    Your Favorite Mortarch?

    Model wise:- Lady Plunder Storywise:- Mannfred easily. Ending the old world makes him a bit of a beast.
  10. Voltaire

    The Chronicles of the House of Valda - A New World

    The dark of the sky felt like it was watching Amadeus Valda as he ended the hike from his shallow grave to the small collection of houses he had seen on the horizon. They were now big enough for him to determine that they were the equivalent of one of the small hamlets of humans he had seen...
  11. Voltaire

    The Chronicles of the House of Valda - A New World

    "Can you hear me Amadeus?" "I always hear you. I have heard your voice in every breathe of the wind since we stopped Nagashs return. I heard you in the screams of the Seven as they died. I felt your contentment as the Council saves the world. I felt your hand on my shoulder as I stepped in to...
  12. Voltaire

    The Bloodline War- Campaign Map

    Johnny, take my spot. I haven't really got the time for it anyway.
  13. Voltaire

    The Bloodline War- Campaign Map

    Right, FYI, I've started a new job and moved and been without internet since last being online. The internet installation was a recent thing so sorry for not posting. I don't appreciate my spot disappearing like that considering the inordinate amount of time it took to actually get this...
  14. Voltaire

    Vampire Bloodlines Beyond the Old World

    Double-post - here's something from Liber Necris author: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?126399-Vampires-Bloodlines-Tome-of-Warseer/page2&p=2349175&highlight=Maatmeses%20Harakhte#post2349175
  15. Voltaire

    Vampire Bloodlines Beyond the Old World

    A long while ago, they released as an 'idea' for something to do with WFRP, samples of what Maatmeses and Harakte actually were doing far away. I seem to remember that Maatmeses was actually in Cathay and was one of the noble houses vying for the affections of the Cathayan Emperor. They were...
  16. Voltaire

    The Bloodline War WFO Campaign- Faction & Roster Thread

    I've been keeping an eye on this waiting for it rather eagerly!
  17. Voltaire

    The Bloodline War WFO Campaign- Faction & Roster Thread

    I've started a little 'Diary of the Lichemaster' thread in the 'Tales from the Crypt' to accompany this and appear to be the only one with character background - does thie earn me extra zombies? haha.
  18. Voltaire

    Ork Codex

    It's not in the pipeline and the current one is beautiful. Go for it.
  19. Voltaire

    First attempt at a Kemmler/Krell list

    I've been toying with a Kemmler/KRell list for the upcoming Bloodline War on this site. I am noticing more and more while trying to get as much as possible in to the list that it is near impossible to not have: Grave Guard Mortis Engine Skeleton Core Now using this as the basis for any...
  20. Voltaire

    Zombie Dragon or Coven Throne

    The throne wins it for me. In most cases the Zombie Dragon is going to be housing your general meaning that now more than ever you need to be shrewd with your deployment and subsequent movement of it. With the Coven Throne you can throw a Hero on it and still have your general separate. IF you...