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  1. aussie

    Shadow magic and a thrown

    Can a coven thrown and a mortis engine switch using the shadow magic?
  2. aussie

    Hero wraith ?

    If I had a unit of crypt horrors say 6 in a 3 x 2, and added 6 hero wraiths where would they sit in the unit? Would the unit be become unquie or still count as monstrous inf for the perpous of a 13 th spell?
  3. aussie

    Rise of selene Dieudonné "Lahmians" 3K tourny

    ok looking to build this list for a 3k tourney no grand army and I have to have a zombie dragon aswell you get a free hero none special, caster, ethereal & 130 points or less. So pretty much a wight king thinking of fencer blades and dragon helm but magical items have to be 45 pts or less...
  4. aussie

    Etc..... Vc wins ?

    Ok looking at etc and if I am reading it right vc came out on top and like a run away winner. Love to see his list
  5. aussie

    3 k tourney ideas

    Ok we'll I been tossing in my head a few ideas not sure what I want to run and have a month to fig out what it is going to be My core is pretty staple and it is a none grand army rules but special characters are allow. So list one VL ogre blade,dragons helm, ots, Dread Knight for ws 9...
  6. aussie

    My take on a mortis army

    Ok goals is to have two ws 9 plus vamps and dual mortis engine VL..... Ogre blade,armour of destiny,quick blood,red fury,lore of vamp lv 1 NM lvl 4 death Vamp fencer blades ots shadow lvl 2 Vamp es,scroll,dg,fear incarnated shadow lvl2 Skellies 39 FC screaming banner Zombies 30 FC...
  7. aussie

    zombie dragon

    what is the best build for a zombie dragon? is night shroud, quick blood the best set up? throw in a 4 up ward ha and lance?
  8. aussie

    ghost and the darkness

    3k no grand army:thumbsup:, yes to special characters:thumbsdown::slapface: the ghost strigoi redfury and dispell scroll the darkness strigoi giant blade, dragonbane gem, the other trickster shard, dread knight, red fury bring giant blade due to the amount of tomb kings out there and...
  9. aussie

    banshee + flamming banner

    If i stick a banshee in a unit with the flamming banner, does it have magical flamming attacks with it scream?
  10. aussie

    Autumn Dead.......

    Will be posting more pics later
  11. aussie

    legion of the dead wolf

    here s the start of my paint blog my spear skellies rise all ye dead