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  1. Vampire Count

    VC crippled in Storm of Magic?

    Hi, I'm struggling to see how VC can compete in SoM. There are several crippling factors: 1) Casters on fulctums out of range of troops to raise and support them. Therefore you'd never want your VL on a fulcrum. 2) Crumble on fulcrums. Any enemy which reaches one of your fulcrums is almost...
  2. Vampire Count

    VC crippled in Storm of Magic?

    Hi, I'm struggling to see how VC can compete in SoM. There are several crippling factors: 1) Casters on fulctums out of range of troops to raise and support them. Therefore you'd never want your VL on a fulcrum. 2) Crumble on fulcrums. Any enemy which reaches one of your fulcrums is almost...
  3. Vampire Count

    Taking a HUGE powerful unit

    Okay, so everyone knows about huge deathstar hordes loaded with characters. But have you ever taken this to an extreme level? Aren't VC uniquely positioned as the ideal army to pull this off, as the only undead army with stellar combat troops, who can raise them back easily? Any other army is...
  4. Vampire Count

    Trying to make a FAST 2400 list... Help!

    This is what I have so far: Lords - 544 Vampire Lord (544) Ogre Blade; Talisman of Preservatio ; The Other Trickster's Shard; Red Fury; Quickblood; Beguile; Level 4 Wizard; Barded Nightmare. Heroes - 336 Vampire (246) Sword of Swift Slaying; Potion of Strength; Enchanted Shield; Red...
  5. Vampire Count

    Varghulf incongruity

    "...the terrible changes wrought by their surrender to the rage within makes them deadly in battle." Thunderstomp, I guess. It all goes downhill from here, though. "...a Varghulf is a contorted mass of packed muscle, giving it the strength to crush a chariot..." Has the same S as a normal...
  6. Vampire Count

    Can anyone identify these Vampire models?

    They're on 25mm bases for some reason. Does anyone know what they're from? Are they GW? Thanks!
  7. Vampire Count

    Vargheists vs WoC: Big Game Hunters?

    As the months have passed I have gone from feeling complete apathy towards Vargheists to absolutely drooling over them. I don't own any yet but simply thinking of that they'll do to Ogres, the flank of some weak infantry, chariots and the like is staggering; having flying WS4 Rat Ogres is just...
  8. Vampire Count

    Alternative Terrorgheist? Jabberslythe?

    Okay, this is probably the 1000th thread about alternative models for a VC army, but the previous thread wasn't much help and I was wondering - for anyone that has seen a a jabberslythe in person, how does the size compare to a TG? Would it be a viable alternative. 2nd question: I already have a...
  9. Vampire Count

    Blood Knight Deathstar?

    The Black Knight deathstar is a powerful build, but has anyone tried a Blood Knight death star? It's basically going all out, plus you can get the 4+ ward on the unit which makes them more resilient vs war machines which may target the Black Knight bus and render it ineffective... It's a LOT of...
  10. Vampire Count

    Mini-wraith wall - 3 wide

    The primary deterrent to using a wraith wall seems to be cost - you need to buy 5 wraiths, with is not only a very large points investment anyway, but a lot of points to come out of your Heroes allowance too. Has anyone used a wraith wall, 3 wide, with 3 wraiths at the front supported by a unit...
  11. Vampire Count

    Solo Thrall to eat S3 units?

    This idea just occurred to me - having a solo Thrall geared purely to take on S3 T3 units on his own. He's on foot and hides in a unit, then charges out on his own leaving his unit free to engage and tarpit other enemies. I started thinking about his setup and came up with: Vampire - red...
  12. Vampire Count


    Okay, I'm a bit miffed about Ghouls. I don't plan on owning any (not with the current scuplts anyway) but I'm really interested on what the general consesus on them is. As far as i can see, they are slightly better than skeletons. Okay they have WS3, but they're still going to be hitting on 4+...
  13. Vampire Count

    Deployment / Movement Strategy

    What sort of strategies do you employ in the deployment and movement phases? I am having difficulty adjusting at the moment (only played a few games so far, mind) due to the reliance on being within 12" of the general to march. This has lead to my army frequently being too 'bunched up' and...
  14. Vampire Count

    Multiple Threats

    So far I've been tooling up my Vamp and having him lead a unit of Black Knights into battle (I donn't have any GG yet either). I also field a Terrorgheist. The rest of my units are pretty much tarpits - skeletons with a Wight King, zombies and so on. I am toying with the idea of cutting back on...
  15. Vampire Count

    Brutal defeat a the hands of Warriors of Chaos - 2500

    Still figuring out Vampires, they are a very new army for me. Earlier today I suffered a massacre, 2500 points game (normal VP match 2000 points and we decided to use an extra 500 points allowance from Storm of Magic scrolls of binding). I ran: Vampire Lord, level 3, black periapt (!), sword...
  16. Vampire Count

    'Balanced' Vampire Lord at 2000 pts?

    Starting out from the premise that 'Vampire Lords are great!' (you may prefer lists themed around Necromancers or whatever, but I want to get a Vampire Lord in there as soon as possible), my logic runs as follows: 1500 points: This to me seems fairly straightforward. 375 is not enough points...
  17. Vampire Count

    Quickblood vs High Elves

    Not a rules question, just wondering if you think it's worth it. Suppose you know you'll be up against High Elves, would you drop Quickblood from your Lord (I suppose that would technically be list tailoring but it's hardly an obscene instance of it) or do you think it's still worth it? With...
  18. Vampire Count

    3 Mortis Engines at 2000 pts

    Haven't seen this mentioned yet, is anyone even tempted to try it? Gives your whole army the DarkenHoffman, sorry, DRAKENHOFF (stupid phone) banner, assuming careful deployment. Is it too stupid to even attempt? To fit it in 2000 you can't take any blasphemous tomes, though.
  19. Vampire Count

    How many points should the 'Undead' rule be worth?

    Just a thought, I was wondering if it's considered an advantage or not, I mean it's a pretty straightforward trade-off in terms of game mechanics - you remove the chance of ever fleeing or panicking, but in return you take double wounds if you lose combat. If one were to, say, write rules for a...
  20. Vampire Count

    Cairn Wraith vs Lvl 1 Necromancer

    Now I know this might be taking the 'x vs x' thread concept to a bit of an absurd extreme, but I think there may be more merit in it than there might seem. I have 65 points left in a 1500pt list, which contains a lvl 2 combat hero vamp, and a lvl 4 Master Necromancer with the Black Periapt...