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  1. Mr Nightwere

    Nuln by night : Action (Tales of Vengeance)

    A dark figure touched at a shining crystal goblet, the form seamless and held a feline quality it stood on the third floor of a mansion in the nobles district of Nuln. Who's night air was filled with the scent of the fires in the forges below. Making the nights sky even darker. the rumbling of a...
  2. Mr Nightwere

    Poetry From the Dark

    This was a great way to be creative and show off the poetic side of so many here on CN thus I have decided to gather all the poetry from the dark the fine users have submitted and placed them all here for people to see. I hope there will be many more In times to come but even if it does not...
  3. Mr Nightwere

    Recruitment/OCC: Nuln by Night (Tales of Vengeance)

    The idea, You are all basic humans from different varied and assorted ways of life, turned Vampire by a sire of your choosing. However your master is now that, of a One know as Harindir Vaskatchi. You are inexperienced to the guile's of vampiric life and have been given a choice Impress The...
  4. Mr Nightwere

    Vampire RP

    I'm wondering if people would be interested in a Vampire Rp, similar to The TVC? but at a lower power lvl saw gen 4 and onward. Revolving around hunting down other vampires or just general court life? I wanted to see what kind of game people would be interested in and if there was any interest...
  5. Mr Nightwere

    Tales of Vengeance: New beginning

    Arron walked through the packed streets of Altdorf a message Clutched firmly in his hand. As he pushed past a group of burly sailors they began shouting upwards to a non existing audience, some song about a lusty maid and a dwarf. Sufficed to say, Arron was not impressed. He had traveled from...
  6. Mr Nightwere

    Competition story

    Arron walked through the packed streets of Altdorf a message in hand as he pushed past a group of burly sailors shouting upwards to a non existing audience some song about a young maid and a dwarf. Sufficed to say, Arron was not impressed. He had traveled from far off Nuln to deliver a message...
  7. Mr Nightwere

    NSFW -The Writing Game of Terror and Depravity

    This is a game I played with my guild forum once apon a time its as long as you want it to be really and i have put it here as i want people to write about what ever it is they care for i believe the last I did involved hideously fat zombies vomiting on something or other.. All the same...
  8. Mr Nightwere

    Tales of Vengeance: The Mountain of Death

    Dok Agrul moved through the commons of Dal Azgal the ancient city had been abandon for near on 200 years and this was the first expedition to enter it and discover what had gone so wrong...
  9. Mr Nightwere

    Jason Nightwere

    I have wanted to do up a character for Warhammer a character i use in the Vampire council Roleplay which I have much background for and want to play with him in game. so here it goes. Jason Nightwere M: 8 WS: 8 BS: 3 S: 4 T: 6 W: 4 I: 8 LD: 10 Magic Jason is a level 4 wizard and knows all...
  10. Mr Nightwere

    Tales of Vengeance: Born of Death

    Bragath Year 0021 of the new age of Sigmar Flowers danced in the breeze as skies grew dark in the setting sun cast not a dark blue. At Jason's feet the setting sun gave the petals a orange tinge the white and red flowers the primal flower of mourning for the north. The silent tears rolled down...
  11. Mr Nightwere

    Minecraft the latest internet Sensation?

    Minecraft Has any one heard of it because I play and i think its pretty awesome and decided to help spread this game like wild fire. Here's a link to the site Minecraft! Basically its a massive randomly generated world where you try to collect resources and survive. Its a great sand box...
  12. Mr Nightwere

    Tales of Vengeance: Sons and Daughters

    Jason stepped through the arch way which cast a veil of darkness over his fine form. He walked to the edge of the Tower, the emptiness below filled him as he felt the presence of his guest stepping quietly behind him. "Glad you could make it..." he said quietly looking to the fading horizon. He...
  13. Mr Nightwere

    LotR models in warhammer

    Ok well I was wondering if a unit of spirit hosts made from LotR army of the dead miniatures are illegal in tournaments. they have the correct bases and i have wondering if they had to be converted or kept as is?
  14. Mr Nightwere


    I Wanted to start this thread to find out what inspires you all to write? Currently I'm in a bit of a low in the creativity department and just cant seem to start the next stage in my story. So I thought I would reach out, and see what inspires all of you and if your down in the creativity...
  15. Mr Nightwere

    Ethereal army Q&A

    OK so I'm fielding a relatively ethereal and magic heavy themed army so how should I go about doing this and what units would be best to take for such a force. Currently I have; 20 zombies (summoning purposes ) 10 skeletons 1 necromancer (zombie conversion) 1 wraith 4 bases of spirit hosts...
  16. Mr Nightwere

    Tales of Vengeance: Dark Dishonor

    314 early Spring Altdorf Capital of the Empire A bright orange sun, lit up the skies over Altdorf the warm color playing on the tiled roves of the city houses as the sun began to set. It was months since Jason had escaped the city and Lucas and his remaining order had been hunting him...
  17. Mr Nightwere

    Tales of Vengeance: Proof of worth. (Prelog of Jason Nightwere to the TVC)

    This was a story I wrote just before I joined the TVC and so thought I would put it here must have forgotten all about it? Enjoy. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Marienburg Jason rode into the grim city of Marienburg by horse...
  18. Mr Nightwere

    Background and Fluff Q & A - Need some help? Ask here!

    This thread is to ask specific questions regarding warhammer fluff and background (credit to Mr Nightwere for the original idea). This is not a discussion thread. Questions and Answers only. Disciple of Nagash ~Carpe Noctem Administrator [hr] who can give me information about Lord...
  19. Mr Nightwere

    TVC Fight Club

    Hello and welcome to the TVC Fight club a Thread for any creative young/old writers to show us what you’re made of. This is a thread to test out your character against others in a battle for ultimate victory. The rules are simple 1- You Do not talk about TVC fight club (outside this...
  20. Mr Nightwere

    Tales of Vengeance: The End of Nighthunt

    300 late winter kingdom of Bragath. Hidden in the edged mountain It was mid autumn a fierce storm washed over the rocky Worlds Edge Mountains, the rain hammered into the solid stone and washed down into the surrounding settlements, as the lightning lit up the skies. with a crunch of gravel a...