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  1. The Brotherhood of Necros

    When Life Meets Death

    She emerged from between the trees and her light was like the coming of spring on a cold winter’s morning. Far below, the forest was a patchwork of withered glades and walking dead, but she had only eyes for the abomination sailing towards her on ragged wings and the entourage of monsters...
  2. The Brotherhood of Necros

    The Withering

    They are watching us. From the moment we crossed over into this fecund place in search of it, I knew eyes on me, felt its attention shift, infinitesimal speck by speck, a vast consciousness like the hive mind of a colony of wardroth grubs turning its antlered head our way. Even now, it tracks us...
  3. The Brotherhood of Necros

    Flash Fiction: One More Step

    You hear it then: a tapping, the patter of fleshless fingertips between the stalactites. Overhead, blackness, impenetrable except for that sound and something else, almost inaudible, a keening pitch. Scree scatters before your boots, the darkness a precipice over which you dangle, every step...
  4. The Brotherhood of Necros

    Joining the ranks from Oxfordshire, UK!

    Hey there! My name's Tom and I'm a long-time lurker finally joining the ranks. I thought it would be nice to introduce myself and hopefully say hi to a few of you on here! (I'm based in Oxfordshire, in the UK, if anyone knows the area.) My dad was the reason I first got into Warhammer. I...
  5. The Brotherhood of Necros

    The Laboratory [Necrarch Soulblight]

    Hey! This will be a Soulblight army themed around my favourite bloodline from The World That Was, reimagined for Age of Sigmar — the Necrarchs. I'm obsessed with this bloodline — I think they're so characterful, I love that they wear their heart on their sleeve (often literally...) in terms of...