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  1. bigbadbat

    2k Eternity King

    What y ' all think of this lil' ditty? 2k Eternity King Lvl 4 AM (shadow) Steed, BoH, DB Noble BSB Barded steed, Dragon Armor, Lance, enchanted shield, pot of foolhardy, Dawnstone 10 SH w Shields FC 2 x 5 Dark Riders Shield, xbows Standard 11 DP FC, BotWD 5 Wild Riders w shields...
  2. bigbadbat

    Black Coach comeback??

    So with the Magic of the End Times rules (4d6 magic phases) Does the Black Coach find its way back into some lists?
  3. bigbadbat

    Nagash Lores

    Just played my first game with Nagash. Obviously I think you want to pick some Lore of undeath spells to maximize his ability. Some Vamp spells for healing, but interested to have some of you weigh in with your thoughts on Lore selection. I know this will depend somewhat on what units you have...
  4. bigbadbat

    2k Nagash

    Hi everybody! There's a 2k tourney coming up with End Times in effect, so I thought I'd bust out a list. Nagash 3 x 20 Skeletal Archers w/ Standards 3 x 5 Dire wolves Hierotitan Casket of Souls 2 x SSC To see how it did, check out the batrep I made in Legacies of Blood. What do you think...
  5. bigbadbat

    Change the name of a thread you started

    Howdy all, Curious as how to change thread titles. You used to be able to hover over thread title and the option would come up. I've been posting batreps in the "Legacies of Blood" section, mainly using my Beastmen during a campaign. I've recently added a VC report (Yay!), but am unable to...
  6. bigbadbat

    BigBadBatreps Nagash Vs. Glottkin!!

    Howdy all, Please check out my first try at a batrep. Currently in a campaign with my Beastmen, but will do VC and High Elves, and some other stuff in the future. Thanks!
  7. bigbadbat

    1500 Beastmen Campaign

    Sooo... I've got a campaign going at the LG and I've been running Beastmen. Started at 1k, now we're bumping it up to 1.5. GBS lvl 3 Beasts (maybe wild?) AHW DS Wargor BSB Gnarled Hide HA Enchanted Shield Dawn stone 4 Tuskgor Chariots 2 x 5 Raiders 29 Best Friends St of Discipline 19 Best...
  8. bigbadbat

    Problem on my Mobile.

    Hello all, I wanted to take a bit to tell you of the problems I'm having with CN on my mobile. About a week ago, on my mobile, it switched from the mobile version to the full version, no doubt from my fat thumbs. Well since that moment I have been unable to log in on my mobile, and been unable...
  9. bigbadbat

    Flying failed charge and impassable terrain.

    Hello all, an interesting situation arose the other night which I have not encountered before. I declared a charge with a flying unit over an impassable terrain piece. The dice roll was not high enough, so failed charge. The highest die rolled, was not high enough to carry me over the terrain...
  10. bigbadbat

    Adepticon Roll Call!

    Hey all, I'll be at Adepticon again this year and was wondering if anyone else here will attend. Seek me out, I'll be the giant with the Jayne Cobb hat. I've always got beers and the whiskey.
  11. bigbadbat

    W: Chaos bits H: VC, empire, paypal

    Howdy all! I'm in search of Tzeentch standard bits and lances from chaos knights or Skullcrushers. I have so many bits/models for trade. Gimme a shout!
  12. bigbadbat

    Help for Chaos

    Howdy gents! Picked up a decent amount of Chaos stuff at my LGC used for a great bargain. I have... Warshrine 18 AHW Warriors 10 Halberd Warriors 5 knights 5 Hellstriders 10 chaos hounds I don't want a super competitive list, just something fun to dig out now and then. What to add to...
  13. bigbadbat

    BBB's Tournament High Elves

    Hello All! Receently took this list to a local GT and did very well. 6th most battle points! 2200 pts lvl 4 Archmage (Shadow) Steed BoH Lvl 2 Mage (Shadow) Steed DS HAndmaiden Reaver Bow Noble BSB Ob Am Ironcurse Dragon Armor Charmed Shield 10 SH w/ Shields St &...
  14. bigbadbat

    Where's the freakin' fell bats?

    As the thread title states... Where's the fell bats? I've been a little less than participatory lately due to a bunch of stuff, but every time I scroll through the army list section, nobody is using fell bats. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!
  15. bigbadbat

    HE 1000 pts

    Noble Barded Steed Dragon Armor Shield 10 pt magic sword 10 SH Shields FC 2 Skycutters 2 Tiranoc chariots in one unit 2 Bolt throwers 2 Eagles I played this list in a 12 week campaign and did very well, losing only 2 games, one of which was against Skaven in Watchtower...
  16. bigbadbat

    W: IoB High Elves H: Paypal, Most Anything

    Looking to nab some IoB HE preferrably on sprue or assembled well but not primed or painted. Will entertain all interested parties. I have Paypal as well as a ton of stuff from VC, Beastmen, Empire, I even have unopenend boxes (1 each) of Kislev Gryphon Legion and Winged Lancers:happy: Also...
  17. bigbadbat

    VC/Kislev mashup

    Alright, just returned from Adepticon with a Glass Cannon if there ever was one of a VC list. When it went well, it went VERY well. When it went bad it went VERY bad. Heck, in 2 games on day 2 it was going very very well, and quickly turned ugly due to the nature of my list and some good old...
  18. bigbadbat

    Thinking of dipping my toes into 6th...

    Howdy all! No stranger here on the Carpe Noctem, thought I'd reach out and ask a few questions about 6th edition as I've yet to read a lick of the new rules or play a single game of 40k since 6th came out. I started a Dark Eldar force when the new range and codex came out and played them...
  19. bigbadbat

    Screaming at Monstrous mounts.

    I could have sworn I read somewhere that when a TG uses his scream against a char mounted on a monster that he can target mister or rider. Swear they used Warboss on Wyvern as an example. Again im scouring to find it and can't. Help or clarification. Please!
  20. bigbadbat

    Overrun on warmachines.

    Was watching a batreps the other night, someone commented that you can't overrun after wiping out a war machine on the.charge. I thought this was the case too a while back in a battle with my CD, but we couldn't find anything in the brb so I let it go. Now I've scoured through the brb faq and...