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  1. Orlaster

    How do I Sigmar?

    So, there's a lot I want to get off my chest about GW and the Age of Sigmar, the main thing being that it's ... just ... not enough. It doesn't represent the same value artistically, stylistically, in terms of an actual game as WHFB. Imagine how cool and fresh and amazing it could have been...
  2. Orlaster

    Zombies how?

    I have some questions for more experienced players about our favourite shambling walls of necrotic flesh. Firstly, I'm fairly new to 8th edition vampire counts. I used to have a small army I think back when it was 6th edition so a lot has changed. Personally, I really like zombies from a...
  3. Orlaster

    Orlaster's army blog - From the ashes of the old world

    This is very much a WIP log, partly because it would be cool to get feedback on techniques and ideas, and partly because it may actually encourage me to finish the things in the first place. I recently started a VC army again after not painting or modelling for a few years, so I'm getting back...