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  1. John Rainbow

    Help with Swedish High Elf List

    I have a 2500 Swedish comp event coming up and have no real ideas about what is viable so I am looking for some advice. So far this is a list I like: Annointed on Frostheart + Giant Blade, Ench. Shield & OTS Archmage(4)[High] + dispel scroll, 4++, Khaine's Ring Alith Anar BSB + Reaver Bow...
  2. John Rainbow

    Necrofex Colossus Help

    I'm looking for some advice on creating a Necrofex Colossus and to see what other people have done. I found these threads here but has anyone seen any other inspiring works? The ones I found on Carpe Noctem: https://www.vampirecounts.net/threads/this-is-halloween.21503/page-2#post-400410...
  3. John Rainbow

    Grrrr... those plastic screen protectors....

    I'm sure many of you use those plastic screen protectors for your phones or tablets or whatever. Any of you also share my frustration in getting the screen clean enough to get them on without little bubbles and such? This post was inspired by me having to put one of them on a 14" touchscreen...
  4. John Rainbow

    20mm rectangular bases

    I'm looking for some of those 20mm rectangular bases that GW used to make that were 20mm x 80mm or 20mm x 100mm and allowed you to put 4 or 5 dudes on a single base - very helpful for removing scores of zombies at a time! Does anyone have any advice for a manufacturer that still does these?
  5. John Rainbow

    Glossary of Terms

    I was wondering if there was any intent to implement a glossary of terms here in a manner similar to that used on Dakka? I find it very useful and I'm sure a lot of newcomers would appreciate it also. The way it works on Dakka is that when you mouse over any term that might be an acronym it...
  6. John Rainbow

    Finding White Dwarf Daily images of converted Grave Guard

    A (long) long time ago when White Dwarf Daily still existed on the old GW site I remember this one army on display article about an undead army converted from a load of Empire units. In particular there was a really cool Great Sword/Grave Guard unit that I'm trying to find a picture of. The...
  7. John Rainbow

    Undead Demigryph

    I'm wondering if anyone has done undead demigryphs? Or if anyone has seen any appropriate substitutes/conversions knocking around the interwebs? Thanks JR
  8. John Rainbow

    Alternate Mortis Engine

    I was wondering if anyone has made or come across an alternate Mortis Engine?
  9. John Rainbow

    2400pt BK Bus List

    Something I've been toying around with at 2400pts... Vamp Lord on steed(4)[Vampires]+Ogre Blade,Talis.Pres,Dragonhelm,HA,Sh,Red Fury,Quickblood Vamp(2)[Death] on steed+HA,Enchanted Sh,S.Might,Quickblood Wight King BSB on steed+HA,Sh,Nightshroud,Lance Necro on steed(1)[Vampires]+scroll...
  10. John Rainbow

    Running without a BSB

    As the Undead special rule confers unbreakable and therefore ITP, would people here recommend running without a BSB? Is it a good idea to get one in if the points allow or do you think Vampires are uniquely suited to not having one? As a newcomer to VC, I don't really know how valuable the Ld...
  11. John Rainbow

    First Vampire Counts List: 2400pts

    This is my first attempt at a Vampire Counts list. I want to try and go with a 'ghoul' theme albeit without the Ghoul King at the moment as it seems like the normal Vampire Lord lets me get in the lvl.4 Necro and is decently survivable. Let me know what you guys think. Any help would be great...
  12. John Rainbow

    Reaper Mini Sizes

    Does anyone know how big the Reaper Ghast miniatures are? They're 28mm heroic scale but are they designed for 25mm or 40mm bases?
  13. John Rainbow

    Liber Necris

    I managed to get my hands on a copy of the Liber Necris (from a friend) and I have to say I was pretty underwhelmed. It's really just a collaboration of the same old Vampire stories with perhaps a little bit extra thrown in here and there. I'm not sure I'd have been too impressed had I forked...
  14. John Rainbow

    Army Theme Inspiration

    I have just gotten a bunch of new Vamps stuff to put together and was looking for some inspiration for a theme. I've seen a Pirate Vampire army and an army based on Bret. stuff (on the forum here) but not much else. Can anyone else think of some really imaginative themes for Vampire lists that...