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  1. Saikological

    Hey all

    Thanks guys, been looking around for a few weeks now and i like it here. Got so many things in my head i wanna do now because of this forum :)
  2. Saikological

    Show us your Black Knights

    After seeing all these great mini's, i want to show you my first 5 black knights. Got many more to paint, but that might take some time due to other paint projects as well. The plan is to make 20 of these and then 10 horse archers. After that maybe get some of the newer black knights etc. I...
  3. Saikological

    DocteurQui's Undead Pirates

    Very nice, well made! Love the whole pirate theme.
  4. Saikological

    Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

    Damn those are sick. Your conversions and use of bitz and parts are the best!
  5. Saikological

    Turning ogres and thundertusk into zombies

    Ive been looking around and there are so many great ideas. I do think i will have to start with something smaller for now. Got to learn how to use green stuff etc. Furthermore i got a boat load of new minis this weekend, so i have enough work for the next year in regular minis ;-)
  6. Saikological

    Hey all

    Thanks! Undead rule for sure. Love this forum so far; so much inspiration and cool things on here. Lucky i found it!
  7. Saikological

    Farmer's Undead

    Such an awesome topic! Love it!
  8. Saikological

    Hey all

    Thanks guys! Nice to see you here @Borgnine; have been checking out your website for your cool minis and painting! Really love your work! A few friend of mine do play the old warhammer still, but i guess they wont mind the round bases. I will stick with those at this point ;-)
  9. Saikological

    Turning ogres and thundertusk into zombies

    Thanks. going to check that topic ;-)
  10. Saikological

    Hey all

    Thanks! I do like the round bases actually, so i am making them all round. But i guess both can be used in WFB and AoS.
  11. Saikological

    Turning ogres and thundertusk into zombies

    Hey guys, ive been thinking about making a thundertusk with beastriders into some undead zombie like thing. Seems really cool to me, especially as i use a snowy base for my models and it kinda reminds me of Game of Thrones. Has anybody here got experience with such conversions? What did you...
  12. Saikological

    Hey all

    Hey all, im new to this forum. Didnt know of its existence until last week, but it looks like a great place to gather and share information and get inspiration! My story short: I first came into contact with Warhammer at the age of 12, back in 1992. My buddy back then was playing Undead and i...