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  1. Corien Sumatris

    Cancer Benefit in Rockford Illinois

    Hey ya'll, Just a bit of an inspirational story to brighten some peoples days! So yesterday (sunday January 19th), The Games Workshop in Rockford Illinois held it's last tournament ever in the store (it's shutting down at the end of this month). The tourney was random teams for 40k, and...
  2. Corien Sumatris

    X-Wing Miniature Game

    Hey guys! So I've been checking out the new star wars X-Wing miniature game by Fantasy Flight. Has anyone here played it or know anything about it? I mean the little models are gorgeous and i've seen a few intro videos about it. It looks super fun but I'd like a bit more input from people I...
  3. Corien Sumatris

    I'm Back!! With a vengance!

    Hey Ya'll First of all I want to apologize for me recent disappearance. Real life got me down for a while but I'm back on my feet now! Wife got in an accident, Uncle died of a brain anurism, college finals, wife graduated college. Lots of different emotions kicked my ass but now I'm back!!
  4. Corien Sumatris

    Screw City GT 2013: Live

    Hey everyone! I'm going to be posting sort of up to date news on games that ill be playing in a 60 man tourney this weekend. Fyi my list is a blender lord, a master deathcro, baby blender, scroll caddy, 55 zeds, 2x20 zeds, 35 ghouls, 32 GG, 2x6 hexies, 2 host bases, and 2 TGs. I'm...
  5. Corien Sumatris

    Warmachine Help

    Hey Ya'll I'm thinking about getting into Warmachine, but I have never once played it so I don't know a darn thing other than Cryx has those freakin awesome robot bird dog things that I want! Does anybody play it? Whats the game play like? Is it fun? Is it super expensive to get into like...
  6. Corien Sumatris

    Marble Bases

    Hey, So I have found 3 different tutorials on how to paint marble for basing purposes. The first uses watered down wash to create the patchy look The second uses a sea sponge and the third uses a thin layer of water over the whole base then adds drops of paint to it. My question is...
  7. Corien Sumatris

    Empire Questions

    So one of my buddies is trying to start up an empire army. He keeps asking me for help and I just don't know a thing about them. can someone give me some ideas on what's good, what's bad and why so?
  8. Corien Sumatris

    Question for the Mods/Admins

    Hey all you guys!! So I'm playing in a 3,000 point GT on October 19th and 20th. I would like to keep a running report of what is going on so that the forum (or just those who care) can see whats going on. I've recieved a lot of help from everyone here and I'd like them to see how their...
  9. Corien Sumatris

    It's about to get sappy ya'll

    Hey, I just wanted to throw this out there for everyone to see. I've been on this forum for a few good months now and I must say that I haven't seen a thread like this floating around. Let us all thank our Admins and Mods for all the work they do to keep this place up and running and...
  10. Corien Sumatris

    3,000 WoC Slaanesh list to be lusted after

    Hey everybody! So I know I could go to a WoC forum and try this out, but I just love you guys(and maybe a gal) to much. so I got 2 lists I'm looking for ideas on. The 1st one is a serious list that I will actually build and feild, the second is a silly list that I will probably proxy once just...
  11. Corien Sumatris

    Obscure Rules Question on Impassible/Random Movement/Magical Vortex

    So like the title said strange question with a slight conflict of rules. A unit has random movement (Either naturally or from a spell). There is a magical vortex right infront of them. 3" in front of the magical vortex is a piece of Impassible Terrain. For arguments sake lets say...
  12. Corien Sumatris

    Bright Freakin Hott Pink!

    Yo! So I'm color blind (not black/white, but close-ish) and I'm working on a Slaanesh army. I can seem to come up with a great baby pink, but I can't figure out how to get a neon pink, Like freakin pink! Any clues? Is there some color tone/mixture that I just don't know? Would I be better to...
  13. Corien Sumatris

    I'm going to complain about Space Marines now.

    Ok, I'm going to start this off by saying that I really do love Games Workshop. Their Plastic, Pewter, and now Resin runs through my vains and burns with passion when there are new releases! But I need to complain about thier buisness plan and how it's starting to fall through. Vanguard...
  14. Corien Sumatris

    Most Survivable BSB

    Hey ya'll I'm trying to come up with a BSB that absolutly will not die. My idea/plan is to have my general and BSB in the same unit (Big ole block of GG). Then I will have a fortitude of 4 in the 1 unit thus people cannot ignore that unit if they wish to win. Combat output is not important...
  15. Corien Sumatris

    Shaggoth base size question

    Hey Guys. So I have a model that is going to count as a shaggoth. The shaggoth is suppose to be on a 50x50. The model is a touch too big for a 50x50. Would anyone you know of have an issue with it being on a 50x75? I'm not altering the frontage, nor am I giving it a slightly wider front arc. I...
  16. Corien Sumatris

    Pokemon X&Y

    Alright, So me and a few of my buddies just got back into the gameboy pokemon games with the new X&Y coming out. This set of games is making me all :perv: :thumbsup: :swear: :ghost: (This is a Masterb$tion joke). I'm super excited about it. So question about the GBA games VS the DS...
  17. Corien Sumatris

    Last chance for review of 3k list before submittal

    Hey, We're rounding the corner of when the lists need to be submitted for the final review to the Tourney organizer. I want to get any final opinions on it before it's all said and done. Blender Lord (RT, QB, Ogre Blade, ToP, HA, S, OTS) Deathcro (Cursed Book, Lvl 4) Vamp Hero (HA, QB...
  18. Corien Sumatris

    Couple Questions on Warriors of Chaos

    Hey, So I'm planning on starting a warriors of chaos army and had a couple of questions on them. 1. Are Shaggoths good? 2. Are Warshrines good? 3. What base size is the Hell Cannon on? 4. Are Hell Cannons good? 5. What would be cool legs for chosen? I'm planning on using the Blood Angel...
  19. Corien Sumatris

    Heroic Killing Blow and Red Thirst

    Hey quick question, If you give a Vampire Lord red thirst and the heroic killing blow vampiric power then you hit and wound with your 1 attack, do you still get the red fury attacks? Thus you give up all of your attacks for 1 with heroic killing blow. Red fury reads that if your attack kills a...
  20. Corien Sumatris

    Screw City Sparkle-pires: PLOG

    Hey everyone, I decided to start a PLog! I tried to take some pictures with my wifes stupid expensive camera .... But I have no idea how to make it work to its full potential. Don't mind the weird looking Black/White speckles on all of the models. They were all coated with glitter and it doesn't...