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  1. Christophe von Carstein

    So then... thoughts on Vlad and Nagash?

    So I went and bought the new Warhammer: Nagash book. Im currently only a part of the way through it where Nagash has just been summoned and one of his first acts was to summon his nine mortarchs. Now I apologies if this topic has already been discussed but I personally am still not sure quite...
  2. Christophe von Carstein

    Undead Ogres Help

    Okay so bought a box of ogres today to convert to zombies, apart from sticking them full of arrows and using green stuff to make intestine and guts where the stomach plate would go, what else could I do that preferably isnt too complex too make/do to make them look more undead? Pictures...
  3. Christophe von Carstein

    Looking for Army Books

    Okay so I'm currently seeking a few different army books and dont want to pay GW prices for them, when at the moment they are essentially just mainly for reading and potential inspiration purposes. and while im trying Ebay and Amazon as well thought id try my luck here The books I'm after are...
  4. Christophe von Carstein

    Von Carstein banner/emblem

    I should know this as im sure I've read/seen it before but my mind is literally drawing a total blank but what is the actual emblem/symbol for the von carsteins/sylvania that they have on their banners, perhaps described in vampire wars or one of the army books or just anywhere for that matter...
  5. Christophe von Carstein

    Game of Thrones into Warhammer

    Quite simply im loving the TV show Game of Thrones at the moment and just starting to read the books and would love to do a tribute with warhammer, So far my thoughts have gotten as far as converting zombies and chaos marauders for white walkers and bret men at arms painted to look like stark...
  6. Christophe von Carstein

    Alternate or cheap miniature Storage/Carry cases

    Well this applies to miniatures of all ranges of GW really but essentially Im in need of practical storage for a lot of my minis (without forking out a large sum for GW cases that is) including an awful large amount of lotr where they wont get damaged, as i dont want to go through the effort of...
  7. Christophe von Carstein

    Spartacus and Gladiators

    So im currently watching the Spartacus: War of the Damned series and absolutly loving it, so naturally my imagination is going to the thought of gladiator and roman soldier type models anyone know any good conversion ideas or sites where i could get types of models along those lines?
  8. Christophe von Carstein

    Cheap Online Warhammer Retailers

    Hi All Firstly sorry if this is in wrong place or already been covered, Now I know theres a thread on alternate models to GW but what reliable sites have people used to buy GW products? Just cos its awfully costly buying stuff straight from the store and I dont want to be priced out of my...
  9. Christophe von Carstein

    Burke and Hare type Unit Filler

    Hey Guys I watched the film Burke and Hare starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis last night and decided that a sort of grave robbing scenario as a unit filler would be cool especially as I love the dark history of the city of Edinburgh and Scotland, but got a bit stumped on an idea of how to go...
  10. Christophe von Carstein

    Deadliest Warriors

    Anyone ever watched the series Deadliest Warriors its an American show that looks back through history and brings warrior techniques and cultures from throughout the world together to face off against each other it does your standard warrior i.e. viking, knight, samurai, pirate but also...
  11. Christophe von Carstein

    Page from one of Nagash's books

    Hi All In Inheritance by Steven Saville, Vlad reads out a page from one of Nagash's books in order to summon the dead. Im turning the book into a script and just curious how people think that incantation might sound because I genuinely havent got a clue, any suggestions would be really...
  12. Christophe von Carstein

    Sebastian Aigner

    Hi All Currently im adapting Steven Saville's Inheritance into a screenplay for a university module, im on my first draft, and writing up to the point where Skellan is turned into a vampire by Posner. But really im in need of a bit more information on Sebastian Aigner, other than he was...
  13. Christophe von Carstein

    New Black Knights

    Hi just a quick question about the new black knights, does the leg/horse armour fit on the TK Horseman at all? I some how doubt that they do just if it did and looked okay i could get two units from the 1 box of bk/hexwraith. If not certainly this time round I might just turn my hexwraiths into...
  14. Christophe von Carstein

    How old is Mannfred von Carstein

    This has never really occured to me before but has anyone ever wondered how old Mannfred is, when he was sired, who he was before he was sired? I ask this because he was sired by Vlad who by all accounts is Vashanesh yeah? Who is from ancient Nehekhara and if mannfred was the first to be...
  15. Christophe von Carstein

    Age of Legend

    Has anyone read the Age of Legend short stories book? what is each individual story about ie The Ninth Book, I would guess has something to at least do with one of nagashs books at the very least Any help will be really appreciated
  16. Christophe von Carstein

    Mounted Vamp BSB

    Hi All Im wanting a mounted vampire battle standard bearer for my army and was just wondering what models have others used or would suggest because im unsure which model or combo of models i could use from GW range to make one
  17. Christophe von Carstein

    cheaper GW alternative to GG with Great Weapons

    Hi All Pretty much what the title says, what would people recommend for an alternative to our VC GG with Great Weapons preferably from the GW range as I want a unit of 30 - 40 yet not willing to pay in the region of £25 (UK) for 10 Thanks
  18. Christophe von Carstein

    W: Blood Dragon from Zombie Dragon Kit

    Hi All On the off chance has anyone whos bought the zombie dragon/terrorgiest kit not want or have need for the blood dragon vampire? PM me Regards Chris
  19. Christophe von Carstein

    When did this happen??

    Hi All So i called into my local GW this afternoon for the first time in a month maybes two and I noticed that the price of a box of 10 grave guard had risen to £25.50 (UK) and my question is when the hell did they become so expensive?? as im sure last time i looked at them they were only...
  20. Christophe von Carstein

    Good Wight King models from GW range

    Ok so I want a few wight kings for my VC army tht dnt carry a battle standard and im not sure which models to purchase the theme im going for with my VC army is post SoC led by Mannfred so I was thinking heroes from the WoC range since my blood knights are converted chaos knights but at the same...