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  1. Ophidicus

    Warhammer-themed artwork on Etsy

    I've put a bunch of my illustrations for various WFB-related projects up for sale on Etsy [if yu're not familiar with Etsy, it's a bit like Ebay but just for art, craft & old stuff. You can use Paypal to pay for things on Etsy & all the sales are fixed-price, not auctions]. Most of these were...
  2. Ophidicus

    H: Various VC models W: Paypal (Ebay Auctions)

    What ho, ghouls & banshees, SOme time ago I was a regular poster & sometime model-botherer & Illustraitor. Roughly a year ago due to some rather abrupt events in my life I gave up wargaming completely & have had stuff kicking around not doing much. Now I am skint & really want to go & see my...
  3. Ophidicus

    RIP Ingrid Pitt

    Ingrid Pitt, legendary Vampire Mistress & star of Hammer's Countess Dracula & the wonderful Carmilla von Karnstein in the Vampire Lovers is no longer with us. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-11823418 A sad time for tragedy.
  4. Ophidicus

    Homage to Nerf

    It seems to me that with all this talk of Nerfing, some people may have forgotten the derivation of the term. Nerf is a range of toys made from a polyurethane foam, which is harmless, and incapable of destruction, much less world domination. Nerf toys include air-pressure powered dart-shooters...
  5. Ophidicus

    Ultramarines Trailor 2...

    Second trailer for the Ultramarines movie is up, & my 12-year old backside keeps jumping up & down & making my 26-year old pointy backside wear out this chair much quicker. Now we know who the enemy are, & that there isn't a typo error in the thread title ;) FOR MACRAGGE!!
  6. Ophidicus

    2400 for first battle in 8th Ed.

    I'm going to be using this army this evening, I'll let you know how I get on. Vampire Counts 2400pts, 16/09/2010 Vampire Lord +1 Magic Level; Master of the Black Arts; Dark Acolyte; Lord of the Dead; Sword of Swift Slaying; Armour of Destiny; Trickster's Shard 450 Vampire Infinite...
  7. Ophidicus

    Carpe Noctem/Vampire Counts group on deviantArt?

    I'm thinking of starting a Vampire Counts group on DA, would anyone here be interested in joining and/or contributing? It will be entirely dedicated to WFB (possibly WFRP if anyone bothers with it) VCs, though not confined to Games Workshop, & featuring the best Vampire wargaming models & art we...
  8. Ophidicus

    Zombie Dragon Project

    My, it's ben a while since I had a proper go at converting anything. Now, naturally, I'm doing it the hard way. I have in my possession one Citadel Zombie Dragon, released circa 1994, purchased by myself sort of october-ish last year, languishing in a drawer since. Now though, I am free of...
  9. Ophidicus

    Unsightly lefties

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/10222719.stm Ok, Boris Johnson wants to get rid of the people who are making parliament look untidy, peaceful demonstrators who want a few wrong things putting right, like the right to be where they have a right to be. The irony of protesting a law...
  10. Ophidicus

    The Passing of a Dark Legend

    A hero of mine, and of many others, has left us. I'm sure I won't be the only one here saddened by the death of Peter Steele, a giant in every respect. http://www.typeonegative.net/index.php It was announced sometime this morning but I put off posting it until the final word from TON was...
  11. Ophidicus

    Oph's 40k fan art thread

    Herein I shall post bits of 40k fan art & illustration I do for various things. This one is for the Ordo Illuminatus forum's 'Kill Team' weekly sketch group, to which I have criminally under-subscribed. Group can be found HERE, this one is for this week's 'mission', "Battle Roaring &...
  12. Ophidicus

    An odd thing I saw...

    Yesterday on my way home from college I saw a bat. Not terribly unusual in itself, but.... it was daytime, in the middle of a city. A bat flapping about above a river surrounded by high buildings at 5 in the afternoon. Most surprising. No great significance here, just thought I'd share.
  13. Ophidicus

    The Lost Primarchs

    I would like to draw your attention to these, slightly less grimdark than usual, portrayals of the Lost Primarchs by the very talented Slaine69. The Lost Primarch The Unknown Primarch Ophidicus approves.
  14. Ophidicus

    Greenies next for WFB!

    Well this was unexpected, there's all this talk of 8th Ed & a bit campaign & this just pops out of nowhere: "More" is interesting, it has been a while (4 years) since the last O&G army book so it's likely there's a new one in the works but it isn't the same "All new super shiny WOW!"...
  15. Ophidicus


    I know there are one or two other DeviantArt users on Carpe Noctem, so here is a thread for sharing your DA links & extend our network of creative contacts, or pretend to. here's mine: http://chammadai.deviantart.com/
  16. Ophidicus

    The "I Hate" Thread

    Inspired by my current software-related chagrin, I start this thread for all the negativity we need to spill out. Post in here if something's really getting on your wick and rubbing you up the wrong way (DoN, shush!), share the swear, get it all out in the foetid air. No hatred of Space...
  17. Ophidicus


    From early days of infancy, through trembling years of youth, long murky middle-age and final hours long in the tooth, he is the hundred names of terror - creature you love the least. Picture his name before you and exorcise the beast. He roved up and down through history - spectre with...
  18. Ophidicus

    Knowe Thy Terminologie

    The Stoakes-Whibley Natural Index of Supernatural Collective Nouns Henceforth fhalt thou be fully and with precifionf acquainted by the proper reference to Thingef Nocturnal as concernf we of vampyrrhic intereft and beundeceffion. Or in British, an informative, educational and entertaining...
  19. Ophidicus

    It needs saying...

    And Frankenstein says it best.
  20. Ophidicus

    Bone Legion!

    Here's my current 2000 point army list, a classic Skeleton Legion with some nasty Bloodsvckers. Vampire Lord Red Fury, Infinite Hatred, Walking Death Blood Drinker, Walach's Bloody Hauberk, Black Periapt 405 Points Vampire Hunter in the Dark, Beguile Sword of Might, Flayed Hauberk...