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  1. K

    Buying: rackhams

    wtb. rackham black paladins. not those plastic ones. and /or armoured skeletons wampyr unit have cash / some tomb kings
  2. K

    9th Age v0.9 Beta with Armybooks!

    May I ask. Why "black knights & graweguards" have different leadership? & If I remember correctly, those mounted ones don't gain stubborn by mounted wight king? Why is that? I truly liked that I saw that others than characters may have hunger rules too. What is that other spell from our...
  3. K

    D&D like Helmed Horror like Morghast harbingers?

    Maybe lover part of those wings? The ethereal part.
  4. K

    D&D like Helmed Horror like Morghast harbingers?

    wiki there is one picture for what i have in mind. Not very good one, but You'll get the idea.
  5. K

    D&D like Helmed Horror like Morghast harbingers?

    Sorry, but surprisingly hard to find a picture from those. But it is animated armour + helmet what have no legs and it levitates. Used as guardians in d&d world. I'll try to find some pictures when I'am with my coputer, some strange reason my phone won't show all webpages as it should.
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    D&D like Helmed Horror like Morghast harbingers?

    So afterall I bougth that morghast box. I looked the manual for thinkin that what I'll have to do to make both oh these units. Then I saw a photo where there is not completed morghast. Ie without legs and wings. I looked that photo for a moment and think "thats like a Helmed Horror". What do You...
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    blood knights shields pic

    Could someone post some clear picture from those shields? Ty
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    chariotunit / necro knights for vc undead legion

    So would it be good or bad/sad to use thunderwolf cavalry wolves to make more vampirecounts themed necropolis knights or even use them as chariotunit from tombking range? What to use for riders? I'll use the mortarch of nagash kit as warsphinx and mortarch and zombiedragon. Just use "layered...
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    Show us your Necromancer(s)

    Nice one Petterwass. What is that model or is it selfmade?
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    Just used end times magic for the first time

    I have one game with new magic now with 2 different ways. First game was "First I throw how many dice I get to use and after that I choose the spell lvl". Second game was "First I choose spell and its lvl and after that I throw how many dice i may use for that spell". I have to say I liked the...
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    mortarch tail bending

    Boiling water will bend the sidesprue just fibe so it could work in the tail too.
  12. K

    Najo's Battlescribe Catalogs

    Sadly yes, my friend got it worked correctly and we do all the same thing but I still have an issue. I'll try to figure it out.
  13. K

    mortarch tail bending

    Is there any nice way to bend nortarch-model tail so the model can stand on the ground rather than "floating by the spirits" ? hot water maybe? Anyone tried?
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    Najo's Battlescribe Catalogs

    Well I got it when You made that undead legions, and havn't even tried to upgrade after that till now. And now I can't make it work with Your reasent upgades. I have reinstalled battlescribe and tried to delete all older files that could make somekind of errors.
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    Najo's Battlescribe Catalogs

    This just won't work in my tablet. I'll just keep getting error for updating datafile. I already tried to delete all older datafile from tablet and all old lists from my tablet too. It is starge that it works perfectly with my phone. Both are androids. Wait. Now I tried to update data for my...
  16. K

    Which new Mortarch do you choose?

    I somewhere read that there could be nine mortarchs total, so I'm just not sure yet. Till then, I'll choose Vlad, just because of cannons. And now even Woc could have those damn things.
  17. K

    Mortarch kit conundrums...

    would it be "easy" to just take of the spirits and make it stand on the ground? The tail could just go inside the the ground through some "huge" crack, where could be some more skulls or raising zombies or some swamp pond you name it.?
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    Khaine magic and Nagash stored dices

    If I have Nagash in my army and I roll that i can use 2 dices for magic, may I take some stored dices from Nagash staff and take additional dices from there to une 3 or more dices to cast a spell even the precasting dice point that I normally could use only 2. If this is correct, where I can...
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    help for making quick summary from Khaine magic rules

    So lets make quick summary of how Khaine magic works? Rules and "siderules" and from what book and pagenumbers. For those who wan't to try these rules. Wind of magic is 4d6 Dispel dices are 2 highests? no broken concentration. ... pls continued
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    End times magic and black coach

    I just wonder, why I would use it rather than morghasts? If I summon one, then why not.