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  1. tw1386

    Alamo Indy GT 2.5k refinement

    The only thing I fear for your list is the problem of putting dreadknight on the SGK. The +2 WS is very nice, it's just the must issue anad accept challenges that worries me, especially if he has to challenge / accept one against a very killy / tough character as he is great at killing, but...
  2. tw1386

    Coven Throne result 1-2 and failed fear check.

    In this situation their WS is reduced to 0. Does this mean that they are unable to hit back at all? If I remember correctly a model with WS 0 is hit automatically, but couldn't see anything about them being able to hit back?
  3. tw1386

    The other Trickster Shard

    You can always allocate attacks from your unit who are capable of hitting the models effected by the shard. Against regular sized infantry and you are at least 5 wide or larger you can nominate a maximum of 14 models (horde) against said unit and 9 if not in horde. x x x x x x x x x x x...
  4. tw1386

    Not sure what to do with my skellies!?

    If you run a Mortis Engine a long with your Skeletons you should definitely take spears.
  5. tw1386

    Zombies - The new Core of choice?

    If I remember correctly when I read through the book past night that zombies have a rule that they gain true ASF when it is cast on them. As in the ASL rule goes away for the interim.
  6. tw1386

    Official Rumour Thread: New Vampire Counts Book

    shamelesly filched from warseer, quoted by Hasting in reference to the new monstrous infantry we are apparently getting.
  7. tw1386

    Lone Wolf Texas gt

    I'm actually going now, yay! I've been frantically trying to finish my painting up (to the detriment of my ghouls, but they are dirty anyways!!), just got my characters and Gravegaurd to finish up. I don't think I'll finish as ill want to spend time on them and my Gravegaurd :( Ohh well...
  8. tw1386

    Lone Wolf Texas gt

    I don't post a whole lot, but I'm thinking about going. If my schedule allows me, that is! I'm definitely going to Capitol City Carnage in Austin in June.
  9. tw1386

    So I'm gonna be fighting some Wood Elves...

    Wood Elves can be quite the pain for Vampires to face to be honest. They have rediculously good close combat units, and good shooting. They are easier to kill though and in this edition of them not being able to whipe out the front hurt them pretty bad. Treeman, and Treekin will just eat...
  10. tw1386

    2500 pt competitive

    If your going to run the Blood Knights I'd really consider giving them the Blood Keep Banner. Also, I wouldn't run your lord in the Gravegaurd Bunker especially if he has the helm. You want that unit in combat ASAP. Plus sticking him in that unit has a big target for dwellers / 13th / Purple...
  11. tw1386

    Help me make my Wight list competitive

    I'd love to help you but you are lacking some important things. Most namely a points value for the total army. Also, being a little more specific on your troop / special / rares would go a lot further. IF you are going to give your Vampire lord the dreadlance he has to be mounted. No ifs...
  12. tw1386

    Help vs. 3x EotG?

    I played against a similar list during ard boyz, but iwth 2 engines and a stegadon ancient and 2 slanns. I was slaughtered to say the least. After the game I realized I could have given a lord on a winged nightmare the frostblade, and just chewed through the stegs. Only need 1 wound to get...
  13. tw1386

    Ard Boyz !! - A bit early I know

    Why do people think the demons are unbeatable? They aren't. By that logic, demons should would every tournament since they have been released. Oh, well... how come they haven't been first place in any of the major tournaments? please explain that to me!
  14. tw1386

    Countdown from 10,000

  15. tw1386

    Countdown from 10,000

    here it is... 5775
  16. tw1386

    New ratmen..!

    Yeah, the new war marchine is a kit that combines with the redesigned Screaming Bell... If im correct you can see the new contraption on the right side of the cover :thumb: It's rumoured to be some sort of giant plague censor thing that uses the same frame as the Screaming Bell. Most of the...