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    Buying: rackhams

    wtb. rackham black paladins. not those plastic ones. and /or armoured skeletons wampyr unit have cash / some tomb kings
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    D&D like Helmed Horror like Morghast harbingers?

    So afterall I bougth that morghast box. I looked the manual for thinkin that what I'll have to do to make both oh these units. Then I saw a photo where there is not completed morghast. Ie without legs and wings. I looked that photo for a moment and think "thats like a Helmed Horror". What do You...
  3. K

    blood knights shields pic

    Could someone post some clear picture from those shields? Ty
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    chariotunit / necro knights for vc undead legion

    So would it be good or bad/sad to use thunderwolf cavalry wolves to make more vampirecounts themed necropolis knights or even use them as chariotunit from tombking range? What to use for riders? I'll use the mortarch of nagash kit as warsphinx and mortarch and zombiedragon. Just use "layered...
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    mortarch tail bending

    Is there any nice way to bend nortarch-model tail so the model can stand on the ground rather than "floating by the spirits" ? hot water maybe? Anyone tried?
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    Khaine magic and Nagash stored dices

    If I have Nagash in my army and I roll that i can use 2 dices for magic, may I take some stored dices from Nagash staff and take additional dices from there to une 3 or more dices to cast a spell even the precasting dice point that I normally could use only 2. If this is correct, where I can...
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    help for making quick summary from Khaine magic rules

    So lets make quick summary of how Khaine magic works? Rules and "siderules" and from what book and pagenumbers. For those who wan't to try these rules. Wind of magic is 4d6 Dispel dices are 2 highests? no broken concentration. ... pls continued
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    zombies added by fireforge?

    Do I remember incorrectly or have someone done some zombies added by bitz from fireforge foot sergeants or vice versa? Where I can find some photos from those?
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    blender lord vs 5 morghast.

    Let assume we play roughly 2000-2500 pst games. Let assume that these are about same prised (rf qb 2str sword 4/+4++ 1 lvl). with morghasts you can have 2 lvl 4 magicians. with blender you could have 1 or make your vamp to lvl4. They have different role but still bit similar (killing stuff)
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    Summonings by lore of undead and tokens

    So how's it gonna be. What is the order when casting summons? 1. Do I have to tell my opponent that "I'm using x token to this spell so I can raise this and that", then roll a dice. Hit or miss, the tokens are gone. 2. Do I roll the dice for the spell compared to it's difficulty of course. If I...
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    Some notifications from Undead Legions ie tk vs vc

    Let start little project for helping each others shall we. I'll give an example, but You can keep em coming. :) When using skeleton warriors with hand weapon & shield always nominate that you are using tombking version with light armour upgrade. why? same price but higher leadership.
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    Undead Legions Hierotitans

    Wait what? Are You guys saying that Hierotitan affect every single undead legion wizard adding d3 for casting total (within the range of course)? Or is it affect liche priests only? Because exact wording is. "Hierotitan act as magical loci for armys liche priests. While friendly Nehekharan...
  13. K


    At the same time I quite like those and I don't like those at all. They are flying with jetpacks? I think at first they stand on the ground, but then someone said "hey put those big fellas flying/hoovering and you got 50 minutes to do that". How about if I try to convert some monstrous mounts...
  14. K

    Transporting options

    How do You transport those speared skeletons / banner wielders? I use feldherr figure cases, but those speared troops just are annoying to transport. HW+Shield skellies fit nicely in those precutter foams tho. https://www.feldherr.net/
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    crumble / standard / victorypoints

    when your unit is crumbled to death, do those 25 points count as victorypoints?
  16. K

    Killing blow

    I know that Killing blow wouldn't kill monsterous creatures, but would it still go thru their armoursave and regensave?
  17. K

    Something for our zombies.

    Of course I know that any of these "It would be fun" won't ever happen and all this is just kind of "smalltalk", but this is what just came my mind. Something for zombies over all. It could be fun if zombies, that have more ranks than opponent, that zombieblock could "push opponent...
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    W: confrontation wamphyri have paypal

    So thats the deal. I really want to have at least 1 box of those.
  19. K


    May hexwraiths charge through units? Afterall they may through over units via soulstrider -rule. May hexwraiths do their reforms inside unit or impassable? This would allow them to just barely go toe bye toe to enemy, instead of running through them and do their hits. This also allows all...
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    vamp or nekro lvl 4

    So, points are 2400. Should I trust vamp as having lvl 4 ? Or should I take masternekro and should this nekro be death ot vamp. I really like lvl 4 vamps, because 5 blackie or horror is just good. I field at least 2 other lore of vamps. Probably those are lvl 1 only. I'm bit afraid of miscasts...