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  1. Draykorinee

    warhammer paints

    Recently had a few warhammer paints open up in like a lumpy blob, I bought changeling pink and emperors children pink (both look very different in the pot but near identical on the model :() the changeling was useless without being watered down and even now has little lumps that occasionaly need...
  2. Draykorinee

    1250 v Ogres

    Lvl 3 Necro book of arkhan + 20 zombies Cairn Wraith + 20 zombies Tomb Banshee, Mini blender vamp + 30 skeletons FC Crypt horrors x 6 Varghulf Hoping to boost the Zeds of course, but I could hide my necro behind the crypt horrors and have one 40 man zombie unit? Other than that I can switch in...
  3. Draykorinee

    Reverse engineering

    TLDR: I need to figure out how to paint my new models like this. It has a silver metalic black which I dont get how to do, is it black with silver dry painted on top??
  4. Draykorinee

    My First Battle Report!

    2000 pts, battleline VS Dwarfs, all old school rules, no End times etc Master necro - MoD and BP 275 Vamp - Book of arkhan, sword of might, enchanted shield, QB Vamp2 - Sword of swift slaying, extra weapon, OTS, Red Fury White King - Nightshroud, Ironcurse Icon Cairn Wraith Core Zombies 20+...
  5. Draykorinee

    A Questions!

    My friend constantly uses canons, and he always shoots point blank at the floor hoping for a bounce, it seems the most stupid and illogical use of a cannon from a real world pov, but it seems to work wonders in warhammer, is this legal? Its cost me more than my fair share of troops.
  6. Draykorinee

    VC V Dwarf 1000pt

    I won my first game today! It was a Dawn break game which really went in my favour except for a cannon being put on a hill, but it basically did diddly squat, on the first turn it missed my master necromancer by half an inch which would have been game changing. I marched inexorably towards him...
  7. Draykorinee

    1k-1.5k VC Army

    Hello I am brand spanking new to Warhammer, I used to play blood bowl and had a necromancer army so figured I would start with Vampire counts. So I played my first game ever today, I have a friend who has a dwarf army and an ogre army, I chose to face off with his dwarf army and was unlucky in...