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  1. ElectricPaladin

    Your Favorite Mortarch?

    Like it says on the tin - who's your favorite Mortarch and why? Tactical, aesthetic, and narrative factors are all welcome in this conversation. And yes... I'm interested to read your opinions so I can form my own. But I'm also interested in reading your opinions for the hell of it.
  2. ElectricPaladin

    Today my Varghulf Ate...

    About a dozen plaguebearers One great unclean one (okay, some ghouls helped, but the varghulf closed the deal) Several bits and pieces of a daemon prince (the game ended before he could finish the Nurgley bastard off). How about yours? Let's make this thread a litany of the noble courtier's...
  3. ElectricPaladin

    ElectricPaladin's Grim Workings

    I've got some finished Crypt Horrors, my first finished Flesh Eaters and among my first finished Undead (I've also finished a banshee and a cairn wraith, but they hardly count).
  4. ElectricPaladin

    Rampant Speculation: Nighthaunts/Malignants

    I'm really curious to read about what my more experienced brethren think is the future of this Death sub-faction. I love the models, but as it stands, they don't really make any sense. The Start Collecting! box includes a model that isn't in the faction as described in the General's Handbook...
  5. ElectricPaladin

    Doctor my Fluff?

    Hi guys! I'm really enjoying Age of Sigmar, and the playstyle and models of the various Death factions are really appealing to me right now. I'm building a collection composed mostly of Flesh Eaters and Malignants with a few necromancers and vampires thrown in for good measure. I've got a...
  6. ElectricPaladin

    Hunger and Darkness: ElectricPaladin's Vampire Counts

    Hi, everyone! I thought you'd like to come along and see what I can do, now that I'm actually getting some of my vampires and their grody minions painted up. First of all, let me give you an abstract. One, I'm dipping this army. I don't dip much anymore, but with the enormous amount of...
  7. ElectricPaladin

    How Many Necromancers?

    I make no secret of it - I don't particularly like the GW necromancer. That said, there are so freaking many beautiful necromancer models out there, and I kind of want to own them all. I was hoping that some veteran Vampire players could lend me a hand - how many necromancers on foot do I...
  8. ElectricPaladin

    Looking For Advice on Where to Go Next

    I have only recently begun my descent into darkness, having started Warhammer Fantasy with Lizardmen. While my lizards may well remain my first choice, I am really excited to begin exploring Vampire Counts. There's a lot of tasty stuff in this army book, and while most Lizardmen choices seem...