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  1. Lord Elpus

    Mantic Werewolves, vargheist proxy

    Do you think anyone would have a problem with these, if I let them know beforehand and they're suitably based?
  2. Lord Elpus

    Da Warpath Advent Challenge 2016!!

    What's this I hear you cry!!!??!! Well I'll tells 'ee!! It's the 2016 Advent painting challenge over on Da Warpath!! http://z3.invisionfree.com/Orc__Goblin_Warpath/index.php?showtopic=35195 It's all for fun, just sign yourself up to Da Warpath, then simply ask for what day you'd like...
  3. Lord Elpus

    Old School high Elf Eagle paint scheme help!

    Hello!! As the title says, I'm needing help with painting my War Eagles.. I've seen the hobbit eagle paint thread but I'm looking for a more old style colour scheme for my eagles, and by old G.W I don't mean RED!!! oh my eyes after the early 90's.. Any help is greatfully recieved!! Thanks!
  4. Lord Elpus

    Summoning question...

    If you're not playing matched games, so 0 points etc... do the summoning rules still apply or is it spamtastic time?
  5. Lord Elpus

    Arkhan or Mannfred....

    Darn it all to heck! I've gone and bought myself a Mortarch, and now can't decide between either of the above.... I like Mann's killyness, but then I also like Arks' spelliness.( is this even a word??!!??)... what's the general concensus out there???
  6. Lord Elpus

    Flesh eaters battle tome!!!

    Looking forward to the new flesh eaters tome http://natfka.blogspot.no/2016/05/leaked-images-this-weeks-releases-flesh.html?m=1 Looks like a cross between vargheists and crypt horrors!
  7. Lord Elpus

    Age of Sigmar Monstrous Arcana released!!!!

    https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-IE/Downloads?_requestid=2015133#warhammeraos woo hoo!!! Mourngal is pretty good!!:happy:
  8. Lord Elpus

    Avatars of War nagash proxy..

    Just wondering if anyone has bought this archlich model? Wondering how big it actually is. I love the new nagash model, but imagine he's a pain in the :swear: to transport. Therefore I'm thinking of this as my alternative. Would anyone think it's a problem to use this as a proxy?
  9. Lord Elpus

    Painting adventures in Time, Space and beyond!

    Well, I figured it was about time to start one of these! This blog will cover the myriad of projects that this (rather proud) hobby butterfly indulges in! Been painting since the 80's ( grief I feel old!) and started with Orcs and Goblins, well mainly Night Goblins, then my 2nd army was the old...
  10. Lord Elpus

    alternative Corpse Cart....

    Now I'm thinking of getting a couple of undead chariots from Black Tree, If I told my opponent that it's a corpse cart would that be fine? what's your general concensus? after all I would be making it VERY clear before hand.
  11. Lord Elpus

    When 150 Zombies is not enough....

    As the title, right now I have 150 Mantic Zombies. I am planning on buying Ol' Naggy, and some other new shiny precious things. However.... Do I need to get more Zombies? Been thinking that Nag could potentially raise A LOT (ballpark figure, technical term) in one turn. So my question is, how...
  12. Lord Elpus

    Posting video from you tube.

    Hello!! I'll get htins in first, yes I know I am probably stupid, but I was looking at a section on here earlier today that had youtube footage and was wondering how I post a video?? I know I can copy the link, but was wondering how I can show it on here instead of folloing said link...
  13. Lord Elpus

    Are therre alternative Hexwraiths minis?

    Hello!! Does anyone know of decent alternatives for Hexwraiths?? I may be alone in thinking the new miniatures are a bit poo...