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  1. Vipoid

    First Attempt at an AoS List

    So, I'm a little dubious about AoS, but some people in my wargaming club are trying it out and so I thought I might give it another go. I've technically played it before, but that was years ago, before it even had point values. :thumbsdown: Anyway, this is what I've come up with: Grand Host...
  2. Vipoid

    Vampire Lords . . . What Happened?

    So, having been out of the game for a few years now, I decided to give it another look. I started with my favourite HQs - the one that made me want to play VCs in the first place - the Vampire Lords themselves. Well, what happened to them? :o They used to be these monster-HQs that were...
  3. Vipoid

    I have Returned...

    Hello all. I doubt anyone even remembers me, but I used to visit this forum quite regularly. That was many years ago, though. I fear Age of Sigmar was the death knell for Fantasy in my area. However, not long ago I found a different gaming group and whilst I've manly been playing 40k, some of...
  4. Vipoid

    Painting/Washing White Fur

    A while ago I acquired a couple of werewolf models, and I'm currently attempting to paint them. I was planning for one of them to have white fur... but am having problems painting it. Or, more precisely, washing it. I want to wash it to bring out the details in the fur, but none of the washes...
  5. Vipoid

    20mm Werewolf Models?

    I know a lot of werewolf models that are around the size of crypt horrors. But, I was just wondering if there are any around that fit on 20mm bases (i.e. one that could be used as a lord)?
  6. Vipoid

    Skeleton Bus!

    Just a random thought, but do you think it would be viable to make a (unmounted) character-bus using skeletons or GG instead of black knights? So, you'd have a Vampire Lord or SGK, 2 hero vampires and (assuming you can afford them) 2 wight kings in a unit of 5-wide skeletons. I know it can...
  7. Vipoid

    Fixing Fear

    Just wondering if anyone thinks that the Fear rule needs improving? (Either the rule itself, or its interaction with IP, BSBs etc.)
  8. Vipoid

    Painting Blue/Purple fire on Corpse Cart

    I'd like to have my corpse cart ablaze with blue or purple fire, but I've no idea how to paint fire. Also, I'd like it to look bright, but again I have no idea how to get this effect (last time I tried, the fire looked darker than the light it was supposed to be producing on the model). Are...
  9. Vipoid

    Hyperlink Problem

    (If it matters, I'm currently running Firefox) Anyway, I was trying to post a link to my 'SGK AND Master Necromancer at 2000pts' thread. However, when I try copying the address and using the hyperlink button, something seems to go wrong: This Thread. (In case you can't tell, the only...
  10. Vipoid

    Skabscrath on Ghoul King - Worth it?

    I recently had a go at using a scream-list (I believe I based it on one of Jonny's lists), led by this ghoul king: Ghoul King - 455pts - Skabscrath - DBG - OTS - Aura of Dark Majesty - CotR - Fear Incarnate Anyway, the rest of the list performed well, but I felt like the ghoul king...
  11. Vipoid

    Potion of Strentgh vs OTS

    Basically, do you prefer Potion of Strength or OTS on your lord (and, more importantly, why)? I see a lot of people using the potion, but only having high strength for one turn in an entire game is a prospect that concerns me greatly.
  12. Vipoid

    SGK AND Master Necromancer at 2000pts

    For a bit of fun, I'm planning to use both a SGK and a Master Necromancer in a 2000pt list. Basically, I've had 3 ideas in terms of possible loadouts: 1) SGK - DBG, Fencer's Blades, Lv4 MN. 2) SGK - DBG, OTS, Beguile, Lv4 MN. 3) SGK - DBG, Sword of Might, Red Fury, Lv3 Master...
  13. Vipoid

    Why are VCs Mid Tier?

    Whenever tiers are brought up, vampires are usually regarded as being around mid-tier. Basically, I'm just curious about exactly what makes us mid-tier? Or, more precisely, on why we're not top tier? I'm not arguing that we should be placed in the top tier - I'm just curious as to what...
  14. Vipoid

    Armies/Builds you Fear Facing?

    Are there any particular armies (or particular units/builds) that you really fear facing?
  15. Vipoid

    Vampire Scenarios

    Ulrik's thread made me think; anyone know any good scenarios involving vampire counts (or more generic ones they work well in)?
  16. Vipoid

    Does Anyone use a Magic-Light list?

    I was just wondering if anyone uses an army that has very few wizard levels? e.g. Just a Lv1 Ghoul King or vampire lord, and/or a single Lv2 necromancer as the highest level caster? So, has anyone tried a low-magic army? has anyone had success with a low magic army? ;)
  17. Vipoid

    Lore Attributes and Miscasts

    If you get IF when casting a spell, which happens first - the lore attribute or the miscast? (This is for lore attributes like the LotV one, which activate when a spell from that lore is successfully cast.)
  18. Vipoid

    Blender Lord vs Doombull

    Consider this Doombull build: - Heavy Armour and Shield - Sword of Swift Slaying - Ramhorn Helm - Dawnstone - Gnarled Hide (So it has ASF, a 1+ rerollable armour save and gets an extra attack whenever it makes its save). I guess what concerns me most is that, even with Ogre Blade on...
  19. Vipoid

    Obsidian Blade

    Does anyone take Obsidian Blade on a Vampire Lord or Ghoul King? I know Ogre Blade seems like a better option, but I just wondered if anyone has had success with Obsidian Blade.
  20. Vipoid

    Can anyone identify this model?

    I just saw this battle report - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=tYBiV0te10g#t=51s And, I was wondering what that Master Necromancer model at 00.51 is? Does anyone happen to know what it is?