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    Achieving a unified look

    I've decided to make blue the unifying color for my army. But since ghouls are mostly just skin, hair and bones, how could I paint their skin to tie in with the rest while still not looking like smurfs of darkness? I was thinking blue'ish grey or purple base, mixing in increasing amounts of...
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    Skeleton bone colors

    Having decided to take skeletons as my primary core unit, I could use some advice on painting lot's of bone fast to a good looking standard. I want the bone to look bleached. White bone looks too clean. And I would also like to know if there are any particular paint brands that offer the...
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    Back in buisness

    I'm breathing new life (technically new death?) into my Vampire counts. I dropped off in 6th edition and now I've picked up the new book. I only had a few zombies back then, which are half-painted. But before I start painting I need tactical advice! I've never played a game of warhammer, but...
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    So, I'm thinking about adding an ethereal unit to my army, but I'm not sure which one to pick. Spirit hosts seem like a good choice to keep dangerous units busy. The banshee has a "missile weapon", but is it useful enough to favour the banshee above spirit hosts if I had to pick one of them?
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    First list - 500 points

    Necromancer 65 -level 2 wizard -black periapt -book of arkhan total: 140 Necromancer 65 -level 2 wizard -black periapt total: 115 Necromancer 65 -level 2 wizard -black periapt total: 115 10 zombies 60 - standard bearer total: 70 10 zombies 60 total: 60 grand...
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    Edahlo's undead legion *picture heavy*

    Well, now that I've started assembling my models, I thought I'd post some WIP pictures. To put it mildly, I'm not very good at taking pictures, so i apologise for the quality! I'm going to prime them black today and then I'll start painting on Friday. I've also started...
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    What now?

    I have 3 necromancers and 40 zombies. What would be a good unit to expand with? I was thinking dire wolves, ghouls, or black knights.
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    Is it worth it taking a full command group in units of zombies? After all, they are just there to take hits, right? I'm assembling my first unit as I'm typing this and I started wondering...
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    Hello everyone! I have been lurking around in the shadows of the old Carpe Noctem forum, reading about how the Vampire Counts perform as an army on the battlefield and looking at the work of all the skilled members in the painting and modelling section, and after a while, I convinced myself...