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  1. Beithir Seun

    Project Furnace: Players Wanted

    The Furnace is project run by Tabletop Gamers for Tabletop gamers and aims to design a living rulebook and army book series that will be available in e-book and book form. The Furnace will be a non-profit organisation. We aim to design rules systems for historical, fantasy and science fiction...
  2. Beithir Seun

    Standard Bearers and Magic Standards

    Hi guys, Quick question; if a standard bearer with a magic banner is killed and then re-raised does he keep the banner, or does he lose the magic banner as soon as he's killed? Sorry if this has been asked before, or is "dumb" question, but I couldn't find it addressed anywhere...
  3. Beithir Seun

    Family Gathering on the Death Star...

    Excuse the title :o Just for fun, I've started planning an army list consisting of Vlad, Isabella, Konrad and Mannfred the Acolyte - the whole von Carstein family! My plan so far has been to have Mannfred on a Nightmare so that his superior magic can get where it is most needed as quickly as...
  4. Beithir Seun

    Book of Arkhan question

    OK so sorry if this is a stupid question or has been asked before but can the Book of Arkhan be used to cast Vanhel's Danse Macabre on any unit within 12" of the character carrying it (as the range of the spell) or can it only be used on the character carrying it and his unit?
  5. Beithir Seun

    1500pts all comers

    Hi peeps, This is the army list I'm planning to use for some upcoming battles. As yet I don't know who I'll be facing exactly but I know I'll be playing at least one battle against Wood Elves... Vampire ~ 195pts (Leads Grave Guard unit) - Dark Acolyte, Summon Ghouls, Flayed Hauberk...
  6. Beithir Seun

    Court of Mousillon (2000pts Army)

    Hi guys, Having grabbed a copy of the armybook at the weekend, I fervently started writing up armylists like there was no tomorrow :D The list is intended to be more thematic and fluffy than competitive but I would welcome any suggestions :) Vampire Lord ~ 460pts (Leads Skeleton unit 1) -...
  7. Beithir Seun

    Walach's Bloody Hauberk and Avatar of Death

    Sorry if this has been asked before or addressed elsewhere but can Walach's Bloody Hauberk be combined with the Avatar of Death power to give a save of 2+? Or can I only benefit from the shield of Avatar of Death to give a 3+ save? Thanks to anyone who can clear this up :)
  8. Beithir Seun


    Hi guys and gals, I was a long-time lurker on the old site and didn't realise you guys were undergoing a revamp (re-VAMP! Geddit?! oh dear....:rolleyes:) Anyway, with the new site looking oh-so-shiny I thought I'd officially introduce myself. Some people may recognise me from Asrai.org...