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  1. Blutsauger

    Any 'true' KoW armies started yet?

    Ever since the AoS rumours hit my enthusiasm for anything Fantasy related dropped right off. But now that I've discovered Kings of War it's picked right up again! While I've been adding to my Vampires army, I'm also starting up a Kingdoms of Men army as well. Rather than an adaptation of an...
  2. Blutsauger

    Loving this game!

    It's so quick! I just had a 1,000 point starter game with my long time WHFB buddy (and I think he's sold...) and we were both amazed at how large the game was, and how quick it was! I had nearly the same model count at 1,000 that I would at 2,000 in WHFB and the game was done in about an hour...
  3. Blutsauger

    Anyone else very interested in Kings of War all of a sudden?

    All the rumours for Age of Sigmar crushed my enthusiasm for WHFB. The actual rules and warscrolls and other nonsense took my crushed enthusiasm and buried it in a deep dark hole. Age of Sigmar is not Warhammer. And it's not a game I have any interest in playing at all. But Kings of War looks...
  4. Blutsauger

    Warhammer: Ultimate Edition OR Fixing the holes in 8th.

    So just in case 9th edition turns out to be poo, and I decide to keep using 8th edition, what fixes and tweaks would players recommend for 8th edition? I mean, using it at all is using house rules so at that point you may as well go whole hog and fix all the little things you don't like about...
  5. Blutsauger

    How to make dripping blood?

    I'v got a conversion in mind where a model is holding a bloody skull, with blood dripping off it and onto another model. I want to capture the feeling of the blood dripping, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I've got ideas in my head like running PVA down some thread, or melting some plastic...
  6. Blutsauger

    gamezone mournful knights comparison

    How do the mournful knights compare, size-wise, to our blood or black knights? Same size? A touch smaller? A touch larger? Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my question :)
  7. Blutsauger

    Instructions for Coven Throne

    I have a coven throne model, but lost the instruction booklet! Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!
  8. Blutsauger

    Quick question about Wind of Death

    How does it affect units with incomplete ranks? And is there a rules reference to support the way it works? I had an observer to a game the other day tell me that if a unit has 3 full ranks, and one incomplete rank, that the unit will only take 3D6 hits since it only has three ranks. Was this...
  9. Blutsauger

    Steadfast query (should be a simple one. I should know this!)

    Watching a game the other night, one player used his Lord on a Dragon to charge into the other players infantry unit. After the dice were rolled, the infantry unit had been reduced to 9 models; 5 in the front rank and four in the second rank. The infantry player had to take a break test, but...
  10. Blutsauger

    2500 vs Skaven

    I was running: Vampire Lord Level 1 QB, RF, OTS, ToP Heavy armour Shield Lance Zombie Dragon Vampire QB Heavy Armour Enchanted Shield Dawnstone Level 2 Barded Steed Necromancer Level 1 Cursed Book 2 x 10 wolves 2 x 5 wolves 40 Skeleton Spearmen Full command 23 Zombies Banner 20 Zombies...
  11. Blutsauger

    The Skaven Challenge...

    I'll be playing a match against Skaven in the near future. He'll be running a Vermin Lord, a Plague Priest on Plague Furnace, three big infantry blobs, a big blog of plague priests, a hell pit abomination with magical attacks, and some other bits and bobs. Oh, and a unit of Stormraven with the...
  12. Blutsauger

    Can someone give me a TL:DR of the new Undead Legion stuff?

    I don't want to shell out $150 for the new books without knowing what they do. Cans someone give me the short version of how this release changes my options? To preface: I don't want to include any Khemri units in my army. Maybe some skull catapults, suitably converted into rotting Sylvanian...
  13. Blutsauger

    Witch models

    I'm looking for a wizened old crone or two to provide some magical support for my armies. I like this model: And I'm looking for others like it. If anyone has any wicked witch models they use or that they know of, let's see them!
  14. Blutsauger

    ASL, ASF and re-rolls.

    Quick one, hopefully easy to answer: My Vampire has Quickblood and the Nightshroud, and he faces an enemy with I8 (or higher). The enemy is affected by the Nightshroud and so has ASL, but still has a higher initiative than my lord. Do I get re-rolls?
  15. Blutsauger

    Templates and units in buildings.

    A situation came up in a game today where my opponent wanted to use a template spell against a unit in a building. I pointed out the rule in the buildings section where a WEAPON that uses a template will only inflict D6 hits on a unit in a building. He stated that a spell wasn't a weapon, and...
  16. Blutsauger

    2,500 vs Dwarves

    My local Dwarf opponent and myself attempted a re-match today, as our last match went over time. My army was: Vampire Lord Ogre Blade Talisman of Preservation Enchanted Shield Potion of Foolhardiness Quickblood Red Fury Vampire Nightshroud Ironcurse Icon Quickblood Lance...
  17. Blutsauger

    2,000 points Crypt Lurkers list

    Strigoi Ghoul King Red Fury Winged Horror Fencer's Blades Talisman of Preservation Potion of Strength Necromancer Level 2 Cursed Book Necromancer Level 2 Book of Arkhan 40 Crypt Ghouls Champion 42 Zombies Standard Bearer 5 Dire Wolves 5 Dire Wolves 8 Crypt Horrors...
  18. Blutsauger

    Advice on a SGK build

    Here he is: Strigoi Ghoul King Red Fury Winged Horror The Fencer's Blades Potion of Strength The Staff of Damnation The Dragonbane Gem So, he has 6 attacks that hit on 3's with re-rolls, the option to go S8 for a round, and the potential to up that to 7 attacks and the ability to fly...
  19. Blutsauger

    Templates and multi-wound models.

    In a recent game, a stone thrower landed a hit on my Vargheists, hitting three of them. The centre Vargheist took the "under the hole" hit at S9 (or 10, or whatever) while the other two took a hit each. The model under the hole suffered two wounds, while the others took only a single wound...
  20. Blutsauger

    Someone refresh my memory about cannons?

    They need to be able to see the base of the target they are shooting at, yes?