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  1. N.I.B

    Master Necro 2400 pts

    I'm playing with the notion of leaving the combat lord at home - could it be competitive? Master Necromancer lvl 4 Talisman of Preservation Dispel Scroll Wight King BSB, Great Weapon Rod of Flaming Death Charmed Shield Necromancer Cursed Book Tomb...
  2. N.I.B

    The Ghoul King

    Bought the new book today, toying with army lists. This is an attempt to mimick and old Strigoi list I had in 6th ed. Strigoi Ghoul King lvl 1 Flying Horror Red Fury Beguile The Other Trickster's Shard Sword of Bloodshed Dragonbane Gem Wight King BSB, great weapon Ironcurse Icon...
  3. N.I.B

    The Unholy Choir

    I'd like to see what exactly we can do with our new toys, taking the psychology theme as far as it can go while still staying as far from rock-paper-scissors land as possible. I'm looking at something like this - Deathlord, lvl 3 (4) Lord of the Dead Forbidden Lore (Lore of Death) Dark...
  4. N.I.B

    VC wins the ESC

    http://www.tabletoptournaments.net/t3_tournament_results.php?tid=7605 A minor pre-event to the ETC, seems to be mostly local players with a few ETC players attending.
  5. N.I.B

    Leading from the back for every army!

    Yes, you read it right. There are no listed drawbacks for putting your character (BSB, caster Vampire Lord) that you want to keep alive, in the second rank (apart from being reduced to one attack). So, when something nasty threatens your caster bunker, just reform those Skellies with full...
  6. N.I.B

    Curse of the Necrarch

    Time for another variety of the Night of the Living Dead type army. And the only archetype deserving to command such a force is the Necrarch (seeing as the Necromancer lords fled the country). I've tried to make the characters Necrarch-esque, kept them simple and sucky in combat. I want this...
  7. N.I.B

    New Dark Elf FAQ

    New Dark Elf FAQ: http://ca.games-workshop.com/WhiteDwarf/download/2006Errata/Errata/WH/2008_DarkElves_FAQ.pdf I see the condescending tone of the GW faq's is unbroken. You can always count on GW talking down to you, when you ask them about their sloppy rules writing (but to be honest some of...
  8. N.I.B


    Had a thrall (Dreadknight, Infinite Hatred, 2 scrolls) flanked by a Chaos Giant on full wounds the other day. I killed it in the first round of combat. How about that? He rolled pick up, I stabbed the clumsy brute in the hand, hit with all four attacks, wounded with all four attacks, it...
  9. N.I.B

    Let The Right One In

    A swedish vampire movie(!) with intelligence, depth and emotion. http://www.lettherightoneinmovie.com/ The Tomatometer 98 % http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/lat_den_ratte_komma_in/ IMDb top 250 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1139797/ I've yet to see it, but I really enjoyed the book, a...
  10. N.I.B

    Strigoi - revisited

    Another army in the series 'Bloodlines - revisited'. One of my old favourite lists had the flying Strigoi Lord with 6 Infinite Hatred S6 attacks, and 6x5 skirmishing Ghouls (among other things). While the days of Strigoi and proper Vampire lords are gone, I thought I'd give it a try to get as...
  11. N.I.B

    Night of the Living Dead

    Vampire Lord, lvl 3 Master of the Black Arts Forbidden Lore Helm of Commandment Skull Staff Vampire BSB, lvl 2 Avatar of Death Dark Acolyte Sceptre de Noirot Flayed Hauberk Vampire lvl 2 Dark Acolyte Vampire lvl 2...
  12. N.I.B

    von Carstein

    Here's a try to recapture the essence of the old Carstein bloodline. Granted, it was perhaps the blandest of them all, void of special rules as they were. I don't want to go down the road of Special Crutches either. First draft: Friedrich von Carstein, lvl 3, riding a Nightmare The...
  13. N.I.B

    Ghosts of the North Coast

    :) This is my take on an ethereal army. DoC and WE springs to mind as horribly matchups, but I don't intend this one for tournaments so it's ok. Vampire Lord lvl 3 with heavy armour, great weapon Avatar of Death Spectral Form Flying Horror Vampire BSB Infinite Hatred Walking Death...
  14. N.I.B

    Guards of the Grave

    So the discussion about the super Grave Guard unit made me dust off a list from a couple of months back that I've yet to use, and add some Cheddar to it: Guards of the Grave II2250 Pts - Vampire Counts Army Vampire Lord lvl 3 Master of the Black Arts Summon Ghouls...
  15. N.I.B

    The resurrection of Lahmia - blog

    I usually do these things kind of like a blog, I get some idea about an army list, try it out in battle and change things along the way. The first two posts are from februari: This is my attempt to re-create the feel of the faded Lahmia bloodline. Elizabeth Bathori lvl 2 Aura of Dark...
  16. N.I.B

    The resurrection of Lahmia

    Inspired by Tal Rasha I thought I'd contribute a little to the report forum. This is my attempt to re-create the feel of the faded Lahmia bloodline. And a small battle report. Elizabeth Bathori lvl 2 Aura of Dark Majesty The Carstein Ring Nightshroud Biting Blade Beguile...
  17. N.I.B

    Interview with Gav Thorpe

    Link here http://stridshammaren.se/ Scroll down to reach part 1 of the interview, than back up again for part 2. No VC-related stuff, but perhaps an interesting insight into the development process.
  18. N.I.B

    The Lady's Guard

    The Lady's Guard had another outing yesterday. List: Lahmia vampire lady (lord), lvl 3 Innocence Lost Sword of Might Spell Familiar Quickblood Beguile Necromancer, lvl 2 Cursed Book Necromancer, lvl 2 Book of Arkhan Dispel Scroll 5 Ghouls (including Ghast) 5 Ghouls 5 Dire...
  19. N.I.B

    March blocking Danse?

    Someone asked me recently whether a unit under the effect of Vanhels Danse Macabre could be march blocked. Of course not, was my knee-jerk reaction. But reading the actual text, I'm not so sure anymore. The unit can make a move 'in the same way as a normal move made in the movement phase'. Guess...
  20. N.I.B

    Fantasia Fanatic May -07

    Here's a link from the latest FF, a huge amount of pics of both WFB and 40K armies, and some ugly faces to boot. Next FF coming up within two weeks. http://www.fantasiaweb.se/system/webshop.asp?HID=17&FID=61&HSID=54