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    Skeleton and zombie Cloth... what color?!?

    Okay, we are going to have a "Gatti over-thinking things" moment really fast... It really bothered me when started painting my skeletons, ghouls, and zombies in my main army colors. Sure, it looks cool and it ties the army together... but... I just don't see a vampire going around and...
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    Undead Rising!

    Hey all, I started my vampires at long last. Here is a test vampire model. As vampires are the reason I started the army, it seemed only fitting that my test model be one of the models that I always loved (but one that I will never use, as he is on foot). The color scheme of the vampires...
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    WANTED: Vargheist Wings

    Hey all! I am starting a conversion for my vampires, and I need vargheist wings for my vargheist conversions and characters! So all of you who love your crypt horrors and have an assortment of vargheist wings laying around, let me know if you would be willing to sell/trade them! I am...
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    VC Zombie Dragon vs. High Elf MSU

    Hey all, I recently completed a game online against a friend's High Elf list. My list featured a Zombie Dragon! A link to the BR he wrote on Ulthuan.net is shown below. http://www.ulthuan.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=51&t=41143
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    Vanhels and Marching outside of march bubble

    Really quick question: If I cast Vanhels on a unit (or units) of infantry (skellies or zombies) that are outside the general's march bubble, can they move up to 8" as the spell says? Or are they restricted to their normal movement of 4" due to being outside of the march bubble? Basically...
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    2500 pt Monster Mash!

    Okay, I know I'm crazy. BUT I recently started playing with the list above. I know, internet wisdom says a zombie dragon is a waste, BUT has anyone actually used one? I think it could be something... So anyway about the list... the basic gist of the list is hard refused flank. In most...
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    2500 Vampire Counts vs. MSU HE

    Hey all! I had a game against a MSU high elf army about two weeks ago, and he recently put the report up on ulthuan. Let me know what I did wrong, or if there is any need for clarification of what happened in the game (He writes normally a narrative BR, so leaves out some of the tactical...
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    Corpse Carts, Worth it?

    Hello again! Sorry for the barrage of tactics questions I've been posting. I have been toiling over my list, trying to think of new optimal combinations. One thing I have recently been considering is taking a corpse cart. With a horde of ghouls at I3, Black Knights at I3, giving them...
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    Facing the High Elf Coven of Light

    Hey all, So I have been running a blood dragons theme army the past few weeks as I start Vampires. I have had an assortment of results as I get accustomed to the new playstyle that is required by vampires, but it has been fun in general. One thing has not been fun though. One of my more...
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    2500 pt Army List for Tournament (First Tourney as VC)

    Hey all! So I am just starting out vampires after 12 years with High Elves and Daemons, and as I am just starting out, I am a little limited in terms of what models I can use. I am borrowing some stuff from another player nearby who has VC, supplementing with what few models I have. The list...
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    Vargheist Help

    Hey all! I have just started vampires and have a decent army, I feel. My army list is a knight-focused army, with the main idea being that it hits hard, fast. In all of my games, though, Vargheists have failed to make any significant contribution. Granted, some of that could have been my...
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    2500 pts vs High Elves

    Hey all! I recently had a game vs High Elves with my Vampires. I posted a battle report on Ulthuan. Link can be found below. Let me know what I could have done better tactically, as I am still getting used to vampires. Thanks! http://www.ulthuan.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=39374
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    Blood Dragons First Army List

    Hey guys. So I am starting VC, coming over from High Elves which I have played for 10 years, and Daemons for 12 years. I want another army, and so I have turned to Vampires! What I want is to run a blood dragons army reliant on powerful vampires and hard-hitting cav. The list here is what I am...
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    Blood Dragons Fluff Information? Please help.

    Hey all! New Vampire here, just got the kiss of death! I have been playing warhammer for 12 years, playing Daemons and High Elves. I gave up daemons when the 7th ed book came out for them (I don't like broken books), and so have been playing HE exclusively since then. Recently, I have been...
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    Kiss of Death (or unlife?) - New VC Player

    Hey all! I have been converted from my High Elves, who have been getting a little old (been playing them only since the 7th ed daemons came out and I realized how broken they are). So I will be starting the undead hordes! I usually run only themed armies, so my plan is currently to run a...