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  1. Nagash Worshiper

    Undead Legion Necrosphinx

    Greetings fellow dark servants! A friend of mine who is quitting the hobby was kind enough to give me this lovely thing: I'm collecting an undead legion at the moment and have so far avoided any real TK models, instead turning to converting or proxies, but as I'm now in possession of one I'd...
  2. Nagash Worshiper

    Undead Legion Border Patrol force

    Hello! I'm in need of some advice with a list for an upcoming 500pts game. These are the rules concerning the match: Both players select an army list from their chosen army book, up to 500. The normal army selection rules (i.e. minimum percentage on core choices and maximums everywhere else)...
  3. Nagash Worshiper

    Zombie Dragon Build in Campaign

    Hello all! I'm currently involved in a campaign with my friends. Link: http://z13.invisionfree.com/D6_WH/index.php?showforum=11 According to our rules once Generals of armies have been given a set of equipment then no other character in the campaign can use the same items. For Undead...
  4. Nagash Worshiper

    Defeating Tyrion Avatar of Khaine?

    I'm in a campaign were a guy have Tyrion attached to one of his armies. This guy's a proper rapetrain so my only options so far have been to tie him up with tarpits or snipe him with spells but I would like to beat him fair and square! So . . . how to beat this guy? I've run all kinds of CC...
  5. Nagash Worshiper

    Geralt of Rivia joins the Kislev! More Kislev units and an army picture

    Hello fellow Undeads! I've been in the hobby for several years and the army I started with during 6th edition was VC. After some time my attention shifted to Empire and High elves so the vampires have been stuffed in a box for what seems like an eternity. With the return of "The Greatest of all"...