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  1. Eyeless

    Mortarch Conversion

    So with the new mortarch of grief round the corner I decided that I want a unique model for each of the existing 3. I'll keep Arkhan as is since he fits the theme the most, and I already have planned a warsphinx conversion for neferata. However i'm out of options on what mounts can be used for...
  2. Eyeless

    Warsphinx: Khemerian or Royal?

    I'm working on a TK warsphinx and just as the title states i'm torn between building a royal warsphinx or a khemerian warshpinx. i'm looking at matched play. Thoughts?
  3. Eyeless

    Crypt Horrors Healing ability

    So I was browsing GW's AoS official page on facebook and came across this interesting question. "When models heal, such as the Crypt Horrors which each model heals one per hero phase... Do we heal one per model in the unit? Or can the unit ever only heal one because as a function of the rules...
  4. Eyeless

    Baleful Realmgate Rule query

    Hi guys. I got a rule I need clarification with. The Baleful Realmgate Hazardous Journey. It says when you make a journey you can set up your unit within 6" of any table edge or another realmgate. Does this imply you can set them up even if they are within 3" of any enemy models? Like the...
  5. Eyeless

    Clash of Empires Tournament.

    Hi everyone, My community will be hosting an AoS tournament using the Clash of empires battleplan. For those who are interested in the scenario, it can be found at the Warhammer World website for free. I've already played it before but I was thinking of using a new list for the tournament. An...
  6. Eyeless

    Flesh eaters painting scheme.

    Hi everyone, As some of you might know i'm rebasing/re-painting my army, and all that's left of the old one are some ghouls, a ghoul king and a vampire lord. With the grand alliance death book being a couple of weeks (month?) old now, has anyone managed to replicate the flesh eaters painting...
  7. Eyeless

    Heinrich Kemmler Weaknesses?

    So as the title states, what is the greatest weakness (easiest way to kill) Kemmler? What tactics should i devise to take him down? I feel with that blinking cape and the 2+ wound avoidance it's gonna be hard to get him down.
  8. Eyeless

    Azyr comp: Tips and Tactics

    Hi guys, was wondering if anyone here has any experience playing AoS with azyr comp. I have an upcoming tournament and could use some tips and tricks =] The tournament will be 3 battles 20 points domination scenario, where you have to hold an area for points, 1st with 7 points wins. That being...
  9. Eyeless

    Sculpting wood boxes

    So i need some sort of wooden crates or wooden coffins or wooden treasure chest (maybe?) something along those line and i want to try to sculpt some. Anyone has ever tried this? Or has any good links to put me on the right track pls? Cheers =]
  10. Eyeless

    Best Mortarch?

    Hi guys, managed to get a mortarch box last week but still undecided what to build. As i haven't got many games under my belt yet, in AoS who's the best one of them? or maybe list some pros and cons please? Arkhan, Mannfred, or Neferata? Thanks all =]
  11. Eyeless

    Undead horse archers

    Hi guys, i just got back after a short break and looking into some new stuff for my army =] And i really need some agile ranged firepower. With TK having the horse archers, i think they are my best bet. Problem is i don't actually like the TK horse riders :/ i have already looked into some...
  12. Eyeless

    3-Way Hold or Die Battle

    Ok guys so this will be my first battle of this kind. It will be held next Sunday (18th Oct) and there are the battle details: We'll be using AzryComp with a total of 10pts each player. Realm of Fire: Brimstone Peninsula. Hold or Die Battleplan. The game will have Empire and Dark Elves as the...
  13. Eyeless

    Season of the Dead - The Crimson Court

    So I have been around for quite some time now and since I'm re-painting a lot of my army I thought it would be a good time to start a plog :) My army is led by 2 Vampire Lords of the Von Carstein bloodline. Soon after their awakening they fled Sylvania, one headed towards Brettonia in the hope...
  14. Eyeless

    Starting a Plog

    ok this might be a silly question but what do you look for in a plog? works in progress? conversions? army shots and completed units? terrain? I am in the process of re-painting my army and tough I might start one while I'm at it. Any tips what to start posting?
  15. Eyeless

    Garden of Morr

    Hi guys, I'm trying to get my hands on a garden of morr set, preferably a new one. Anyone knows where i can get one and what's the average retail price pls? Thanks
  16. Eyeless

    AoS experience

    Ok just played my first AoS game. Was really looking forward to try it this morning so was very exited about the game. What I Liked: -Warcsrolls & Warcsroll Formation. Very much needed. Best thing ever. -The weapons damage mechanic. A weapon dealing more wounds is nice. -The units getting...
  17. Eyeless

    1000pts Undead Legions Army vs Dwarfs (my 1st List)

    ok guys so this is for a friendly game between me and a friend and it's my 1st 1k army list. Heros Vampire - Red Fury, Armour of Silvered Steel, Lore of Death / Shadow Necromancer - Lv 2 Wizard, Rod of Flaming Death, Lore of Undeath Necromancer - Lv 2 Wizard, Master of the Dead, Book of Arkhan...
  18. Eyeless

    Nagash vs Gunline

    Hi guys, Pretty new to playing the game, and still haven't tried this out yet as i'm still working on nagash. but just as the title states, how do you protect him from a dwarven gunline and warmachines? specifically cannons organ guns and catapults? with nagash being a large target what...
  19. Eyeless

    A Different Casket of Souls

    Hi guys, I have seen some casket of souls conversions on here and i must say they are all pretty good. However i would like something a bit different so I got a couple of questions. How does a casket of souls sound like if there is no casket? The scenery would be something on the lines of a...
  20. Eyeless

    Show us your Morghasts

    Link to Show Us Thread Index. Decided to put this thread up as I couldn't find one already and I'll start with my newly finished morghasts =]