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  1. Raizi

    Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: Undead Stormcast

    So bought a 6,50€ magazine for this to get the mini. Will try to use as my vampire bsb once I figure how to base him. These AoS models are really really awful. Sorry GW :( Some kitbashing here mostly and decided to sculpt something on the shield from greenstuff. Might work on that more when I...
  2. Raizi

    Raizi's Frozen Host - Supreme Lord of Dance returns

    So for the step-by-step tutorial for the ice, it's here: 1st put some saran wrap dabbed in PVA glue on the bases 2nd, paint the wrap with dark green, highlights dark blue. Then cut small pieces of transparent sheet or plastic and glue them on the wrap. 3rd, basecoat the sheets with light...
  3. Raizi

    Show us Your Banners

    That is one of the most disturbing banners I've seen @Borgnine! Great work! I first thought you were going to do it as a fleshy thing, but this ethereal one with ghostly faces is just so much better. Excellent work there! The dragon on the cloak is superbly detailed too. What an amazing...
  4. Raizi

    The 9th Age version 1.1

    What would help Spirit Hosts would be to give them monstrous infantry supporting attacks. Now there is no point in fielding them in two ranks other than the extra wounds.
  5. Raizi

    Countdown from 20,000

  6. Raizi

    Countdown from 20,000

    7801 this thing still going on?
  7. Raizi

    ElectricPaladin's Grim Workings

    Welcome! Really liking the coloring on those boils in the backs and the bloody tissue. The only thing I'd suggest is to pay some attention to the mold lines, since they tend to stand out when drybrushing. I'm a bit lazy with them too most of the time with R&F that has 30+ bodies in a unit, but...
  8. Raizi

    The Eternal Court of the Carmine Rose

    Nice update! Especially like to see that assassin from Heresy Miniatures, since I browsed through their wares just this week. How does that skeleton giant scale with regular infantry?
  9. Raizi

    Raizi's Frozen Host - Supreme Lord of Dance returns

    @Borgnine the idea is that there's water under the ice, that's why I chose to go with a bit darker scheme. I will make 3 bases more with more snow and smaller cracks (and with zero spirit hosts in fact) to tie the unit together more. I will then look if it still stays too dark. I'm a big fan of...
  10. Raizi

    Raizi's Frozen Host - Supreme Lord of Dance returns

    This round for update took a little while longer. I got the cracle paint that I ordered and finished my spirit hosts. I think I might post a step-by-step tutorial for the ice effect later on, but here are "The Drowned"
  11. Raizi

    Geralt of Rivia joins the Kislev! More Kislev units and an army picture

    Just read through your plog the first time. Amazing job with all the converting here, I lost count how many Zacharias Zombie Dragon bodies you have used. I bet your bits bin is at least a cubic meter in size if you can pull spare dragons and wings from it. :D Good work with Nagash and Walach...
  12. Raizi

    Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

    Really liking that BSB idea. Might snatch that for my ghouls, now that 9th age has the option to include a standard bearer for them too. Splendid work, you really are a very talented sculptor. (And painter too, ofc)
  13. Raizi

    Raizi's Frozen Host - Supreme Lord of Dance returns

    @Borgnine thanks. The standard bearer is indeed an old Citadel model, released with the skeleton command group in 1993. The guy is actually one of my first purchased minis when I started collecting Warhammer at the end of the last millenium, somewhere between -97 and -98.
  14. Raizi

    Zombie Dragon

    Really impressive job with the dragon. Thanks for the tutorial for the blade, I might try that out too. I really like the blending you've done with the cloak and wings.
  15. Raizi

    Turning the World to Darkness. Subrscribing Thread.

    Please, add me to the list
  16. Raizi

    Raizi's Frozen Host - Supreme Lord of Dance returns

    Meanwhile I wait to get more of that crackle paint from overseas (The product had been discontinued, it was really difficult to track a store that had it) I assembled my 40 skellies and basecoated most of them. Impaled Cohort has lots of bits from here and there, some Tomb King charioteers and...
  17. Raizi

    Borgnine's Log: Forge World BSB + BB Star Players conversions

    @Borgnine, really good job with the sculpting and paint. What did you sculpt on, green stuff or something else?
  18. Raizi

    The Eternal Court of the Carmine Rose

    Holy sweet piece of sweetness! That dragon is fantastic. Where is that dragon model from? Did it come as such or did it require converting? Also, is the base something that comes with it or your own handiwork? Great job!
  19. Raizi

    Farmer's Undead

    I really like those zombies and the trees in your unit fillers. I was thinking something similiar with my ghouls later so I think I will try to mimic some of your positioning. Great detail on the zombies. Really like how they are telling a story. Keep up with the good work, I certainly will be...
  20. Raizi

    Raizi's Frozen Host - Supreme Lord of Dance returns

    Updates from the Experimental Laboratories. I have a 9th age game coming up later this week and I want to finish some of my units before that so I played around with the idea tha my spirit hosts would be based on frozen water. Since the new models sprout out from corpses, I just got the idea...