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  1. MageoftheBones

    Damn you ... Spoiler....

    I am sure its been hashed to death already or perhaps not... Just finished reading the entire 5th book and ack... After victory was so close against Chaos, Manfred is the one that ends the chances of the forces of Order winning against Chaos. The anti Chaos forces had all but won and Manfred...
  2. MageoftheBones

    New Undead Legions 2000 point List

    Mounted Vampire Lord on Barded Nightmare 553 Ogre Blade Talisman of Preservation The Other Tricksters Shard Red Fury Quickblood Beguile Vampire Lord on Foot 433 Giant Blade Armor of Fortune QuickBlood Red Fury Dire Wolves x 5 40 Dire Wolves x 5 40 Skeletons x35 220 Full...
  3. MageoftheBones

    Battling the New Wood Elves

    I haven't gotten a chance to go toe to toe with the new Woody book yet locally. I will likely be getting that chance finally in the next 2-3 weeks. I was just curious what others think of the Wood Elves update. Does the army play a lot differently. I assume its farmo re effective now but how has...
  4. MageoftheBones

    From Chaos rises a Vampire Lord

    The fluff of my current Vampire Theme is couched in the results of a overly nasty string of loses at a Warhammer tournament in La Crosse Wi many years ago now. Not only did I lose all 3 games but for the only time in my tournament playing history which I believe numbers over 40 now my Vampire...
  5. MageoftheBones

    Full Frontage of Character models with a Unit involving Command.

    Just wanted to make sure I had this rule correct for having 5 characters in a unit that is only 5 wide. Rules state the command group needs to be in the front rank so the rank and file command group sits up there while playing around, moving and etc. However during close combat the characters...
  6. MageoftheBones

    Anyone had any Experience against the New Dark Elves in Tournaments?

    I have played the new Dark Elves a couple of times since they got their new codex but neither army was really redone from scratch to take advantage of the new book. Not sure that a total rework is really going to happen for all Dark Elves players but it does seem likely with some of the new...
  7. MageoftheBones

    How have Vampires been faring these days for you guys at tournies?

    I have been out of the tournament scene for the most part until recently however in the past 9 months I have been involved in 3 tournaments. The first was last Fall in November at the North Star Tournament in Minnesota. Its a large 2 day, 5 game tournament with about 120 armies. I managed a...
  8. MageoftheBones

    Back into the breach

    Long time Counts player and semi long time lurker here. Glad to be around other VC fans. Now that I don't own a game shop any more looking to get back into the tournament traveling scene again in the Midwest.