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  1. Mikael.K

    Army based around shadow magic

    So, I´ve been thinking of ways to create "outside the box" type of builds and thought about an old concept revolving around 2 level 2 vamps with shadow magic. The lore itself cointains some really nice spells that improves (or rather hexes the opponent!) our sub-par combat units. The list I have...
  2. Mikael.K

    2500pts VC Swecomp

    Long time no see everybody! Time to raise my army anew and take to the field with my VC!Wow, everybody jumping on the undead legion train. Well, here come a "old school" VC list! On to the list: Master Necromancer: Level 4 Vampires, Talisman of Preservation, Earthing Rod 270 -31 Necromancer...
  3. Mikael.K

    Crypt horror archetype

    Since my last thread on the MR and BK bus was so good in getting the thought process going, I thought I´d do something similiar with another hard list archetype - the double horror/scream list. I´ve scouted about the forums and picked up some bits and pieces of information and put it down into a...
  4. Mikael.K

    How much MR is needed?

    Lore of light and death are very popular lores around here (and elsewhere too I reckon! :D) and I was thinking how to best protect my precious BK bus. Most armies that rely heavily on lore of light (or death) usually dont pack all that much power in the combat phase, at least not when compared...
  5. Mikael.K

    BK bus + 2x ME

    Seen people around here talking about having a BK bus, along with horrors and double engines. Anybody tested this? Whats the idea behind this? Mainly thinking about movement. Horrors can tag along quite well due to their movement, but the engines? Tell me more! xD
  6. Mikael.K

    Anybody use grave guard anymore?

    So, I play a lot with the swedish comp system. The penalties for VC units are pretty high, and should be! GG is one of those troop types that comps really good for the ammount of points you pay for them. I´ve played around with units of 30+ or so with GW´s a long time ago, even with twin...
  7. Mikael.K

    2.5k mindrazor vs DoC 20-0

    Ok, so I dont remember everything that happened so I´ll give you a short summary of each turn. First, the lists, both use the swedish comp system and has to score between 10-15. Vampire counts 2500pts Ghoul King 400 (-33) Master of the Black Arts Dispel Scroll Dragonbane Gem Fencers Blades...
  8. Mikael.K

    My take on the mindrazor list

    Here goes! Had this made with the swedish comp system in mind. The vampires are there for the shadow magic and I have gotten a unit of CH´s in the front lines and with some vargheists for wizard hunting. Death is a popular lore over here, hence the loadstone instead of cursed book. The bad...
  9. Mikael.K

    MSU as core choices - can it work?

    I got very intrigued when I read Narenzades tournament report HERE and saw his list, especially the core section. I´ve been pondering about this for some time, been thinking of including multiple smaller units of skellies, around 20 strong to fill out my core. This is bascally because I play...
  10. Mikael.K

    Smaller games

    Making a 1000-1500pts army for VC´s gets a lot more challenging as opposed to 2400-2500pts lits. I have a tournament coming up later this summer that is 1500pts. I also see plenty of topics in the army list section with armies around 1-1,5k armies. So, this is a thread that discusses army...
  11. Mikael.K

    The art of deployment

    Pretty surprised that I havent seen much about deployment in this section. For me, deployment is one of the most important phases for us. Some things to consider: - Generals 12" bubble (also character placement) - More units, larger units makes things more tricky - vs fast/slow armies - Unit...
  12. Mikael.K

    Mannfred - how to make the most out of him

    Got this idea from Eggspr, so thank you for that. My list looks a lot like yours, with some minor changes to fit the comp. Got Mannfred into the comp system I use and so need some pointers on how to use him to his full potential. Where to place him? He has 5 wounds and still is a vampire...
  13. Mikael.K

    Help with 1500pts competative VC for tourny

    Ok, so I havent got a list yet, since i´m a bit confused on what to take. Lords: Either a Ghoul king for some fighty power or master necromancer with cursed book for magical supremecy. Heroes: Level 1 necros for the ghoul king and no clue should I choose the master necro, maybe a level 1...
  14. Mikael.K

    Handicapping myself! (2400pts) heavy comp

    An army without MotBa, banner of the barrows, Drakenhoff banner and with a hybrid lord? How can this work? Would you like to know more? Read on! I´ve used the swedish comp system found here. ETC armies should get a score of around 0, friendly lists will be around 10-15. The difference in...
  15. Mikael.K

    Return of the cavalry bus: tactica

    Lets start with the list itself and I will explain it in more detail. The list is based on Italys ETC VC list and Christian Wennbergs (swedish tourny player) list. 2500pts Vampire Counts Vampire Lord: Extra level, Red fury, Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Blood Drinker, Cadaverous Cuirass...
  16. Mikael.K

    Mounted wight king

    Trying to find a suitable model for a mounted wight king with the sword of kings, any suggestions? Tried to look, but havent found anything yet. All suggestions welcome :).
  17. Mikael.K

    Thoughts on the new VC stuff?

    The VC´s will be getting a big beastie, the terrorgheist. A tough flyibg creature with an enhanced banshee scream among other things. This can also be a mount for a vampire lord (who needs to have the ghoulkin bloodline power in order to do so). There is also a new dragon, new banshee and...
  18. Mikael.K

    Forbidden Lore (metal)?

    I use a forbidden lore thrall in almost every game I play. Usually he has the lore of light for it´s great synergy with the army. Lore of beasts is great aswell. What i´ve seen other armies do lately is to use a level 1 caster with lore of metal. Mainly for it´s signature spell I presume...
  19. Mikael.K

    Support units

    8th edition is truly the infantry edition, no doubt. What we can see is big hordes and big units. This is even more true with our own army. Big units of skellies/ghouls and grave guard. Due to the unstable rule we may not have much choice in regards to unit sizes. Playing horde is up to each...
  20. Mikael.K

    2500pts of cookie-cutter competative VC´s

    So, a pretty standard list. Put the Earthing rod on my lord to protect my investment. Dont want him blowing up in turn 1. Scroll went on the necro, a nice support caster should my lord fluke his rolls. Three different rares with different jobs. Will take flanks when my main line reaches...