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  1. Vampire Ron

    3000pts. vs. High Elves

    Seeing the list your opponent played, I'm not that surprised that you lost by a huge amount. With such a shooty list it's easy for the battle to go completely one way or the other. Being an ex-HE player (I haven't played them since their new book) the thing to remember is when you start getting...
  2. Vampire Ron

    How to deal with flyers and scouts

    Exactly what the title says. How do you deal with those pesky flyers and scouts who end up behind your lines in the first-third turn?
  3. Vampire Ron

    Flee and Pursue

    RE: Flee and Persue Say my Ghouls beat a unit of marauders in close combat. He flees 5, I pursue 11. Do I move 5 and stop or pursue the full 11? I assume it is 5?
  4. Vampire Ron

    If you could change just one thing....

    Disruption breaking steadfast is a biggy. I'd also like to see magic have some kind of scaling as it just doesn't scale right in bigger and smaller games.
  5. Vampire Ron

    Vampire Ron's plog

    I'd really like to paint him but I'm worried about him just becoming a blur of metal and bone. I need to find a good tutorial for painting coloured metal, any suggestions? I've built the Black Knights now and it didn't cause any problems, no. I just glued them. Hope to update this tonight or...
  6. Vampire Ron

    Help! 1600 Dual MN

    I really like that list, thank you for the suggestion. ^^
  7. Vampire Ron

    What are everyones Wight King builds?

    I do Fencer's Blades + OTS. Nice for challenges.
  8. Vampire Ron

    Vampire Ron's plog

    Just broke down my semi-built Hexwraiths in order to build Black Knights (decided I dislike the Hexwraith models and that Black Knights are more needed anyway All was going swimmingly until the last leg, where I snapped the little knob (seems to act as a very uncomfortable saddle) off of the...
  9. Vampire Ron

    Heinrich Kemmler leadership value

    Wow, GW really made a boo boo with this one. I'd say 9 because, why not?
  10. Vampire Ron

    Vampire Ron's plog

    Hello chaps, As I recently decided to enter the Gamer's Challenge (great idea Santa!) I thought it was about time I had a plog. Warning: I AM NOT A GOOD PAINTER. This plog is more for personal encouragement and trying to complete my pledge than showing off my minis which seriously...
  11. Vampire Ron

    Is CN a Sausagefest?

    Most girls I talk to just seem baffled by the fact we sit in a room with other men for hours. I saw maybe one or two women in a LGS before it closed down, but that was only in business for a few months. Shame really, the other place just got a gaming room but they're charging £1 per person per...
  12. Vampire Ron

    Hexwraiths in groups of 10?

    Max unit size for Hexies is 10 so I doubt that... Surely by having 2 ranks though, it means you can never actually get through an enemy unit unless you can march?
  13. Vampire Ron

    Hexwraiths in groups of 10?

    I always see it suggested that Hexwraiths are taken in groups of 10 at the moment. Now, I obviously see the added protection from magic missiles etc, but this is in stark contrast to the judgement a while back where units of 5 were advised in order to enhance mobility. When in groups of 10, you...
  14. Vampire Ron

    Help! 1600 Dual MN

    I've hit a wall with building my list so guess where I came for help? xD Don't ask me why, but I just have this urge to do this list with two Master Necromancers (one Death, one Vampires) and past that, I have very little. Of course, this leaves no space for change in my Lords section, but this...
  15. Vampire Ron

    2400pt / Lore of Heavens / Stompy list

    I almost fell off my chair. It looks good, I like the whole idea of heavens and may try it out. The only concern I have is that you are rather relying on the comet to deal with anything with armour? Seeing as the Hexwraiths are the only thing there that can really make a dent in armour? If...
  16. Vampire Ron

    yet another ION question

    Last paragraph of 'Resurrecting Fallen Warriors' on page 26: I believe that answers questions one and two. 3: Yes. 4: Multi-wound models only.
  17. Vampire Ron

    Lifeys Bloodchilling Undead

    Love love love Sigvald's sword, looks amazing! You should give him a play on words vampire name though, Sigvon was my immediate thought but that kinda sucks. How long did it take you to paint everything so far?
  18. Vampire Ron

    What's going on in your life?

    Finishing exams tomorrow. Woo!
  19. Vampire Ron

    Lev's Vampire Log

    I thing they look awesome! Love the look of the faceless guy, what is he? I like the way there's a decent variety in there (I kinda think undead should be a motley crew, in contrast to my own army) and the bases do tie them together well. What's up with the different bases in the front corner of...
  20. Vampire Ron

    GW models in GW stores

    I am aware that Games Workshop does not allow non-GW models in their stores and tournaments, which is fair enough in my opinion. However, how have you all found using converted models in GW stores? For example, using the Warriors of the Dead as spirit hosts, Dragon Princes as Blood Knights and...