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    Opinions on these units please

    All three of the units bellow have thier advantages and cost about the same. i just wanted to hear which one would you field in a tournament ( or when you don't know what army your playing against) Black Knights Banner and musician Sprit hosts Hex wraiths
  2. K

    2500 with options

    Okay going to a tourney saturday and will be facing Lizardmen 2 slann and 75 temple guard list Ogre's with level 4 greedfisted slaughter with death lore 2 Warriors of chaos wit level 4 tezzi wizard So this is my proposed list and i feel the lizards and ogre's are my only competition...
  3. K

    1000 pointer

    Been getting crushed latily so trying sometihng new....Your thoughts Vamp Hero Talisman (4+ Ward), and Forbidden lore (lore of metal) Necromancer ION and VDM 30 Ghouls 18 Grave Guard GW and BOB Black Coach
  4. K

    Beguile and Immune to Psychology

    This has probably been ask before but a search has yeild too many entries to look at. Are immune to psychology units and charaters immune to beguile? and for that fact aura of dark majasty
  5. K

    Old Special Characters Made New.

    So every time GW comes out with a new army book they make a few Special character obsolete and thus you have a awesome model with no rules. me and my group have aways sat down to recreate these specials character to reflect the current rules without creating too many special rules while trying...