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    So how about them Chaos Dwarves?

    Apparently they do allow parry saves, at least that's what my opponent says, according to the Forgeworld FAQ. That thing is bollocks, I tell thee, with the parry-giving and the ruling which makes the Destroyer impossible to wound. That is one saving grace of his army, though, he doesn't take the...
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    So how about them Chaos Dwarves?

    I've been using Cairn Wraiths to provide some more hitting power to my units, but unfortunately CD have greater access than most to magical attacks, so the unit really needs to pick it's targets. Ironsworn are the bane of my existence though. He has a unit of 30 of them, with the BSB in there...
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    So how about them Chaos Dwarves?

    I do usually include ol' Ghulfy in my army, so that's an idea with some merit. He probably couldn't take out the prophet, but he could have a red hot go at the Castellan BSB.
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    So how about them Chaos Dwarves?

    Has anyone had trouble with their relatively easy access to Stubborn? I play a friend's CD regularly, and both his blocks are Stubborn (one from the Castellan (hero-level CD) having Stubborn, the other from his level 4 Prophet wearing the Crown of Command. Seeing as I run a Master Necromancer...
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    The other Trickster Shard

    I've always played it that any model who is in base contact with an enemy who is simultaneously in base contact with an ally with the Other Trickster's Shard has that enemy model re-roll successful ward saves against their attacks too. To use a simple example: You have a Strigoi Ghoul King...
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    Can you choose to attack lords/hero's that have joined a unit?

    Eh, I wouldn't just them too harshly, they're people too, they make mistakes. When you consider that the people who write the FAQs get rules wrong, I think you can forgive a lowly redshirt.