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  1. Tawg

    Sooo, how about The Visit? (No spoilers)

    Just went and saw it at midnight. Definitely not disappointed. I knew it was a movie by M. Night going into it, but not terribly much else (Except for having seen one preview, which doesn't give away anything). My friend ended up wanting to go quite bad though, so he wrangled me after work to...
  2. Tawg

    Game Thread - Metal.. Gear..

    I am about to embark on a perilous journey, over the course of decades (At least in game).. as I am about to begin the Metal Gear (Solid) series from it's playstation inception to the newest release. I've totally seen plenty to do with the series, when I was younger I watched more than one...
  3. Tawg

    So how about that QVC

    I don't know if that's a thing everywhere, but it's like, the "home shopping network" or what ever. Point being that my mom is home on vacation this weekend, and it's.. the only thing on TV when I walk through the living room. It's such driveling nonsense, I can't understand how people can...
  4. Tawg

    So, this store isn't in English..

    As far as I can tell this web-store is entirely in Swedish? I was thinking about ordering from them, although I am unsure if there would be any issues, and more importantly if the issues would be compounded by the fact that I don't really speak Swedish. Talar de svenska? That's all I got...
  5. Tawg

    New base-sets from GW (And re-basing general)

    Just had a talk with my FLGS shop-keep, and he was telling me about the new sets of bases GW plans to release just into August. There is going to be two sets, either for around 13$, with a good handful of assorted bases. One kit has 20x 32mm, 3-5x 50mm and a handful of new 75x46mm (oval) ones...
  6. Tawg

    My Experiences with AoS. A Continuing Thread.

    I wanted to create this to post mini-battle reports and reviews of matches players (Myself or others, feel free to post yours) have had with this new rule system. Many people may fear issues with balance, and I think at the very least a thread like this can help us gain a feel for what might...
  7. Tawg

    So the LGS is starting a "Slow grow" campaign

    It's in the same time slot as the "Build a Battalion" event they had running, trying to draw in the same people and get them into the gaming aspect of everything, and I have at least one friend going up there for the next few weeks as it runs (It's only a 8 week thing, so kinda sort), so I...
  8. Tawg

    Shadow Lore Attribute.

    So I am wondering about this (Topic title), it seems like a funny/tricksy way to play, although probably not terribly to great effect. I had toyed around with the idea of throwing together a list with CT/Corpse Carts (Mounted) to play with the Shadow lore and jump them around, although...
  9. Tawg

    WoC, where to go?

    So, I looked over at the army specific WoC site, and I was a little disappointed, it looked a bit lack luster and I think they wouldn't let me look at anything unless I signed up? Which I didn't really feel like bothering, although the Warseer thread dedicated to WoC tactics was a bit more...
  10. Tawg

    VC Chariots

    So, we have a handful of models that are chariots (CC, CT, and BC), and I know that one of their biggest hinderances is they have relatively low movement values, and can not march even within our general's bubble. But is their movement what drags them down? Is Vanhel's not enough to keep...
  11. Tawg

    So I went and saw Star Trek! (No spoilers, unless "I cried" is)

    ...and I cried again. GG. It was fairly fantastic though in all honestly, despite how much you have to suspend your disbelief at the rather .. blatant disregard for physics in a Sci-Fi movie (Kinda a shame). I also feel that the Trailer was kinda awful for the movie, some of the best...
  12. Tawg

    Cutting Metal Sheets?

    So, I acquired a 2'x1' metal sheet to provide a solid magnetic base to my movement trays I plan to begin constructing but I am quite a bit unsure of how to really go about cutting up the Metal? I have tin-shears, but I am worried that they will cause the metal to bend in a bad way, since I'll...
  13. Tawg

    ASF/ASL continued discussion/question

    I feel like this should be in a different thread :zombie: (So I'll start a new thread.) Taken from the discussion on the Bot(eot)WD, I felt like this would be too derailing to post over there. Right, the issue I have is just that "Cancel Out" is a vague terminology in my eyes. It could...
  14. Tawg

    WKuK anyone?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IYY34LR52A&feature=player_detailpage Kinda one of the funniest comedy troupes I know of, anyone else know/like them? :pumpkin:
  15. Tawg

    Varnishing figures?

    How do you lot go about it? I have honestly never really done much more involved work, and this one I just finished is the most fragile paint job I've done ever (I use to glob on paint, that'll help keep it on :zombie: ). So like, I am pretty sure people usually just do multiple coats of...
  16. Tawg

    So I totally went to see Oblivion

    I have to say, it was rather great. Tom Cruise is still pretty amazing. It had a beautiful ascetics to it, but I do have a boner for Sci-fi, so that helps for me. Also the director was apparently the same guy who did the new Tron Legacy? That movie as well was bitchin', he does good...
  17. Tawg

    Dear Heavens! It's almost complete!

    After over a year since I bought this model, I may have actually got to the point where I am.. Dundundunn.. Finished! Jesus I have the slowest painting regime ever when it comes to completing my own things. I have never had a fully painted army, with at most a unit or two, maybe a few...
  18. Tawg

    How to hold a model?

    I'm curious, how do you guys hold your models while you're painting? And I suppose if you paint them in pieces, how do you hold individual parts while you're painting them? Ever since I started thinning my paints more to get smoother finishes, I've noticed that the paint itself is a fair...
  19. Tawg

    So guys, I hear 40k exist still

    And I may or may not have accidentally a whole Necron army :konrad: I hear they are kinda good, which makes me a bit sad, I'm typically the player on the losing team (I mained Alaitoc Eldar for christ sake, SO MANY SNIPERS, and so.. so useless). But I am looking forward to maybe playing a...
  20. Tawg

    Curse you NMM!

    Ah, it's not that bad; But for the life of me I can't get my silver to work.. I feel like NMM gold is so much easier, which seems weird to me. Anyone 'round here have any experience to relate? Dismay or elation? Tricks or what not? There are quite a bit of helpful threads on these here...