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    Help with unit choices for 20-0 system

    So I am attending a tournament in a little over a month that uses the 20-0 system, I have never attended a tournament that uses that system, so I am unsure how to build a list for it. I will be running Undead legions since I know that Tomb kings 100% can't pull out big wins without a lot of...
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    infantry heavy VC

    I have seen najo mention quite often running infantry heavy list and talking of how he can be in combat by turn 2. I was wondering if someone, maybe even najo, can explain how an infantry heavy list works and what one generally looks like. Is all the punch from the vampires and the infantry is...
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    2400 point leadership shenanigans.

    I am working on implementing a list for a 2400 point tournament coming up. It is mostly TK based, but I feel like there is a lot to be gained from getting a VC perspective on it, since I am running 2 baby vampires. The list is as follows. Lords. 295 Liche high priest( lv4 death, enkhils...
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    Mortis Engine question

    I am sure this has been addressed somewhere on this site, but my attempt to find it on here and the internet in general has come up empty. If I have 2 Mortis Engines I know the reliquary stacks for regeneration on freindly models. But does each one cause hit on enemy units? so do they have...
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    First 2500 point undead legion list

    I will admit I am coming from Tomb Kings and this list may be a knee jerk reaction of I CAN MOVE NOW!!!!! The idea is it gets in your face fast, and it is built with the idea of Khaine magic. That is why the level 2's they can 50/50 desert wind on 1 dice. Lords Vampire Lord(Hellsteed,shield...