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    So: With the impending space marine release (4 hours till i get my grubby mits on my gear) I decided it was time for a few things; 1) To get back to posting around here... I've been very lazy! 2) to Finally get around to doing a Plog 3) Paint for the first time in about 6 months. All in all...
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    Pokemon X&Y

    Transfers will be in again... It will still take ages to ship over 649 pokemon though if the limit stays at 6 haha!
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    Dark Heresy - Vaxanide's Secret IC thread(some NSFW)

    Reetheus runs a quick optical scan towards the outpost, checking for potential hazards.
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    Daemons 2500

    I like the overall feel of the list and i'm now sure HOW I would play against this list, honestly. big hordes, big gribblies. but looking at this as if i was going to use it? it has a few worrying gaps. 2 units of bloodletters and only one herald of khorne? spare unit is unwieldy at best, BL's...
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    My Warriors

    Horror from the days where every horror model had its own name. Loving the look of your beauties! :)
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    The Bloodline War- Campaign Map

    Sorry about slow response! too many spess mehreens keeping me down, haha. I'll work out some vamp characters then :konrad:
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    THERE IS ONLY WAR (6th Edition Out)

    Had an apocalypse game on saturday... the rules scale really well upwardly. I'm fast becoming a 40k fan boy now, Glory to the raptors!
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    Dark Heresy - Vaxanide's Secret OOC thread

    Its given me plenty time to sit around making spess mehreens at least, up to just shy of 5k points now... Hehe!
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    The Bloodline War- Campaign Map

    I'll happily keep a hold of tomb kings to make finding another player easier, I just want to get down to kickin some booty to be honest, haha!
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    Brovatar's work

    Oh wow, that is brilliant! Honestly wish I could afford it, the fact the board comes free with it is immense, I do know somebody who is collecting salamanders atm, I'll pass on the link ^^ Good luck with the sale!
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    GW Glue problem

    Revell plastic cement, Blue container with a yloow bit, long metal nozzle. Been using a £3 one for about... 6 months now? Not failed yet. you can get a £5 bigger one that would last ages! Modelzone sell it, as do commercial stores who stock modelling gear! hope this helps 'at! Also...
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    Basing Scibor Necromancer

    I'd use the 20mm base method and have specific zombies to go around him. this way there won't be any issues of corner to corner and such, as well as being a potentially awesome modelling challenge!
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    Dark Heresy - Vaxanide's Secret OOC thread

    Just started working on jump troops a couple hours ago... as well as the techmarine. He will be reetheus on the table... cause techmarines are neccesary in 40k now.
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    Dark Heresy - Vaxanide's Secret IC thread(some NSFW)

    RE: Dark Heresy - Vaxanide's Secret IC thread "Building an outpost simply for surveys seems illogical, this would suggest at least a 67.4 recurring percent chance that there is most certainly something of intrigue. This may or may not be related to the objective, however if we were to arouse...
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    THERE IS ONLY WAR (6th Edition Out)

    after playing a few games today with different set ups (some lists psyker v psyker, non psyker v psyker and such) I can safely say... Its bloody brilliant! Vehicles ARE harder to kill, unless you are necrons. who just kinda... make em go poof with 4 glances, Hah! Destroying buildings with a...
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    Dark Heresy - Vaxanide's Secret IC thread(some NSFW)

    RE: Dark Heresy - Vaxanide's Secret IC thread Reetheus turned, Speaking to onex as they meandered along on their little route towards the outpost. "The brotherhood are expecting us and will have an adept awaiting us there. I am unsure of what to expect, They have asked us to not interfere with...
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    Dark Heresy - Vaxanide's Secret OOC thread

    sorry about my kinda afkness, all the excitement of 40k has really thrown me the hell off any normal routine lately, haha!
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    The Bloodline War WFO Campaign- Faction & Roster Thread

    Faction: The Forbidden Legion of Arkhan the Black General: Arkhan the Black, The Liche King Player: Mesayah Capital: Tomb Peaks Army Restrictions: Tomb Kings Army Book. Special Traits: ROSTER General: Arkhan the Black, as per pg. 57 of the Tomb Kings army book. Regiments of Renown: Notes...
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    The Bloodline War- Campaign Map

    Ah, Didn't think about the hexes, My bad! Off to post now! ^^ Also didn't think about lieutennants! Deployments! Arkhan the Black! Hex: 153 Fapadap! Hex: 152 Haemon! Hex 164
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    Dark Heresy - Vaxanide's Secret OOC thread

    Hey, I'm just "The tech priest of the group" :tongue: