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  1. Raizi

    The Great Necromancer returns!

    Yeah, I just got a mail from DoN, that Nagash is back. How awesome is that! Oh, and I'm back too. Been working on something for past two weeks and will continue to update both of my painting logs, (Frozen Host & Warpstone Junkies) I have been really busy since my trainee period started...
  2. Raizi

    Raizi's Warpstone Junkies

    Yes-yes. This thread will be dedicated to my Skaven army and it's progress. I felt like I needed a little break from my Vampire Counts and since I haven't been too active painting them for the past two months, my little rat-men are getting some love in the meantime. Firstly, I started...
  3. Raizi

    Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

    Hello, I've been thinking about trying out the Warhammer fantasy Roleplay by Fantasy Flight Games and I just wondered if anyone had some experience with the system. The price for the box is quite high, so I'd appreciate any feedback before I storm in to our local store and tell the clerk to...
  4. Raizi

    Some Corpse Cart musings

    I was doing some idle browsing through our army book yet again, and when I read the rules for the Corpse Cart, my braincell suddenly activated: Clearly the best spell to use with the cart would be Vanhel's Dance Macabre. Now, depnding on how these work out, I just might try to make up a list...
  5. Raizi

    Playing the limits to the max.

    I started thinking that what do you guys think of the various points limits. Where are you the most comfortable at? Where do you think VC has the edge? Do you play your game differently in different points limits and most of all, do you think that some units in VC book shine in a particular...
  6. Raizi

    Missing zombies.

    After the emergency update that had the forum down, I notice I lost all my zombies when I could log in again. (some 200.000) Was this supposed to happen? I was just about to purchase the nefarious CN Chat with my zombies...
  7. Raizi

    Challenge overkill issue.

    We had this scenario yesterday, and I'm not sure how it should be played out: My Vampire Lord on a Abyssal Terror, with Red Fury, Infinite Hatred and Nightshroud is challenged by a Phoenix Guard Champion. Now for the questions: 1) I have Nightshroud, and Phoenix Guard ASF, I ask will...
  8. Raizi

    Points cost for Wraiths.

    I was wondering, what is the porper cost for a unit that has 3 Cairn Wraiths and 1 Tomb Banshee (a unit of 4) is it 225 points or 175 points? as the Army Book says that 'upgrade one Cairn Wraith to a Tomb Banshee' so in order to upgrade something you must pay the base prize first, right? I...
  9. Raizi

    Raizi's Frozen Host - Supreme Lord of Dance returns

    I just now noticed that there was a complete section for the thing I joined this forum in the first place. So instead of spamming my photos on several different threads, I will post them here. My idea is to put together a winter themed Vampire Counts horde. I have a pretty solid selection of...