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  1. Z

    Fell Bats

    Gotta paint up 4 fell bats by tomorrow! Any suggestions for paint schemes for the body and wing membranes? Thanks in advance!
  2. Z

    Likely fighting demons

    Hello all! I got a pick up match most likely against demons tomorrow. I am not a super competitive player and mostly play just for the fun of it with themed lists. I have only played demons once and it was a year ago and I was playing orcs and goblins at the time. He had a big ol demon...
  3. Z

    Helm of the Draesca

    So I have been playing with the idea for awhile of coming up with an army themed around The Helm of the Draesca on page 29 of the VC armybook. So the general theme is that it is that time again in the 7 year cycle and the armies of the Draescan Kings has gone forth into the world for glory and...
  4. Z


    What do people know about/have experience with the Mordenheim game? I was thinking of ordering the rulebook but didn't want to drop a bunch of money if the general consensus was that it sucks.
  5. Z

    Halfling Hot Pot!i

    It is back as a rare choice for empire! I've never played empire but bought the model back in the day because it was funny. Anybody have any idea on the stats/abilities of it?
  6. Z

    First steps to darkness

    Kalib peered through the trees. He was close to where the warpstone had fallen, he could sense it. The swarm of carrion ravens that followed his shambling horde had sensed something as well and sat uneasy in the trees squawking loudly. He had hoped to slip into the ancient forest and find the...
  7. Z

    Pain, Loss, Hope

    Kalib barely heard the priest of Morr going through his death sermon. It blended in with the sobbing of his mother in-law the murmured prayers of the rest of the family, his and his wife's. He just stared as they lowered the casket into the dark hole in the ground. The rain that had started...
  8. Z

    Lodestone combo

    Does the unholy lodestone from a corpse cart power work with a tomb blade or blood drinker? I.E. If a vamp with blood drinker was in a unit and caused a wound would the unit he is with gain two wounds back? I looked in the FEAR and FAQ threads and didn't see this anywhere. I apologise in...
  9. Z

    Grave Guard W/Great Weapon

    Do grave guard lose their killing blow if they are upgraded to great weapons?
  10. Z


    Anybody have a good painting guide or tips for painting the terrogeist? What colors to use for the flesh, bone, innards, and such. I'm a poor painter if I don't have a color guide as what I try tends to come out looking horrible.
  11. Z


    Hello all. I'm looking for some tips on basing my growing zombie horde. I used to use some simple green flock for my OnG army with a few rocks tossed in but it is a bit bright for my zombies and such. Any tips on making some earthy proper VC bases? What do you use for materials? Methods...
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    Next Army Book

    Tomb kings is out, the magic storm thingy is coming. Anyone know what armybook they are doing next?
  13. Z

    Start of the Zombie Horde

    OK starting my Zombie themed VC army. Before everyone says "Zombies suck" I am aware they are possibly the worse troop in the game. At lower points I am hoping to overwhelm foes with massive numbers of zombies. Any tweeks you can think of while keeping the zombie theme would be much...
  14. Z

    Army List Generator

    Ok twice I've tried to make an army list using the generator. The first time I tried to preview the post and when I went to modify the text of the post I lost everything. I could not go back to the list and all the work was lost. I finaly tried to make one again and when I tried to post I had...
  15. Z

    Zombies Rising!

    Greetings all, Starting my second army and decided on Vampire Counts. I used to play OnG but they became way too good in 8th edition and with the new releases I am moving away from them to avoid all the orc fanboy bandwagon jumpers. New mammoth spider is so dumb.... Anywhos I went through...