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  1. Vampire Ron

    How to deal with flyers and scouts

    Exactly what the title says. How do you deal with those pesky flyers and scouts who end up behind your lines in the first-third turn?
  2. Vampire Ron

    Vampire Ron's plog

    Hello chaps, As I recently decided to enter the Gamer's Challenge (great idea Santa!) I thought it was about time I had a plog. Warning: I AM NOT A GOOD PAINTER. This plog is more for personal encouragement and trying to complete my pledge than showing off my minis which seriously...
  3. Vampire Ron

    Hexwraiths in groups of 10?

    I always see it suggested that Hexwraiths are taken in groups of 10 at the moment. Now, I obviously see the added protection from magic missiles etc, but this is in stark contrast to the judgement a while back where units of 5 were advised in order to enhance mobility. When in groups of 10, you...
  4. Vampire Ron

    Help! 1600 Dual MN

    I've hit a wall with building my list so guess where I came for help? xD Don't ask me why, but I just have this urge to do this list with two Master Necromancers (one Death, one Vampires) and past that, I have very little. Of course, this leaves no space for change in my Lords section, but this...
  5. Vampire Ron

    GW models in GW stores

    I am aware that Games Workshop does not allow non-GW models in their stores and tournaments, which is fair enough in my opinion. However, how have you all found using converted models in GW stores? For example, using the Warriors of the Dead as spirit hosts, Dragon Princes as Blood Knights and...
  6. Vampire Ron

    (Mainly) tactics questions

    Hai guys, I just have a few questions tactics-wise, don't feel obliged to answer any or all of them, and I am quite a poor player so spell things out to me please ;] I find myself knowing very little of tactics as i have only played in a very limited gaming group (Dwarfs, WoC (7th), Wood Elves...
  7. Vampire Ron

    Fencer's Blades while mounted

    I know that Additional Hand Weapons are not allowed when mounted, but how about paired weapons? It doesn't appear to say anything about it in the rulebook, but it seems a bit sneaky to me. This has come from my desire to mount my favourite Fencer's Blades, Other Tricksters Shard Wight King in a...
  8. Vampire Ron

    1000 Points Black Knights List

    Sorry for posting this so quickly after my other thread, maybe it should have gone in the same one. Master Necromancer + Wizard Level Vampire + Forbidden Lore (Beasts) + Beguile + Power Stone + Talisman of Endurance + Lance + Heavy Armour + Barded Nightmare + Shield 20 Zombies + Full...
  9. Vampire Ron

    1000 Points Army

    I've been using this list for a good few months now, and was just wondering what you guys thought of it. Master Necromancer + Wizard Level = 200 31 Ghouls + Ghast = 320 6 Crypt Horrors + Haunter = 238 Mortis Engine + Blasphemous Tome = 240 I know there's a serious lack of chaff, and seemingly...
  10. Vampire Ron

    What unit would you add to the VC army book?

    I think this fits in a few sections, so I thought I'd put it here. I am going to be starting a campaign with a few friends in a few months, and we have decided to make a special character each, as well as an entire new unit! This thread is asking what you would add if you were me, what...
  11. Vampire Ron

    Are combat characters worth it for us?

    I've been building lists recently and have found that 9/10 times I don't have space for a combat character. And now I look at it, for us especially, combat characters seem to be a waste of points. Take a 500 point kitted out Combat Vampire Lord in a 2000 point game for example. If you'r taking...
  12. Vampire Ron

    Fighting Khorne Warriors

    So, I might be playing against an entirely Khorne Warriors of Chaos list soonish. My plan is to use Wolves to make him overrun and expose flanks, then I'll charge him there. Has anyone got any good tips on fighting Khorne Warriors? I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any chosen, too many warriors or...
  13. Vampire Ron

    Vampire Counts VS Dwarfs 1000 Points

    The Lists: VC: Heroes: Vampire (G) + Helm of Commandment + Wizard Level + Forbidden Lore (Vampires) + Summon Ghouls + Black Periapt + Charmed Shield Core: 25 Ghouls + Ghast 14 Skeletons + Musician 6 Wolves 26 Ghouls + Ghast Rare: Varghulf Dwarfs: Runelord (G) + Master Rune of Balance 15...
  14. Vampire Ron

    War Machines

    I have a couple of questions on War Machines. Are there any rules about the loss of crew effecting rate of fire any more? I don't think so but I might be missing something obvious. When firing a cannon, do you have to have line of sight of the spot where you are aiming the cannonball? And can it...
  15. Vampire Ron

    Basing my models

    Hello I'm not quite sure how to base my models, as I have a plan for battle debris such as broken bits of sword and arrrows and wotnot, but I am unsure on the actual base for the model. How do you guys think burnt grass with snow would look? Too strange? Please feel free to suggest any ideas.
  16. Vampire Ron

    Multiple Wounds in Challenges and Slann ranking up

    1) In a challenge, if you were to have a model with the multiple wounds (2) special rule such as Konrad or The Herald Nekaph, and you did 3 wounds to a model such as a Crypt Ghast, how many wounds would each count for? I would say one because the amount of wounds you can do per attack is capped...
  17. Vampire Ron

    Invocation of Nehek and Command Groups

    I was reading through the rules for invocation of Nehek earlier and realised that it says you don't need to originally have the command group paid for to resurrect it? Is that right? Could I heal my troops in combat and gain a command group I didn't pay for? Seems unlikely but it's worth seeing...
  18. Vampire Ron

    Lizardmen and Slann

    Hello everyone, I recently played against Lizards at 1500 points and the guy sported a buffed out Slann with the thing that discards your sixes, gives him an extra dice every time he casts a spell and the loremaster one. I had great trouble casting and dispelling this game, and it ultimately...
  19. Vampire Ron

    1500 Point list

    This list will be for friendly play, and I will mostly be playing against Tomb Kings, Lizards, High Elves, Dwarfs, as well as occasionally WoC and Skaven. I have played twice before with this list, I annihalated some Tomb Kings, and was narrowly beaten by Lizardmen. Any help and/or constructive...
  20. Vampire Ron

    Battalion painting and general tips

    Hello everyone! :) Tomorrow, I shall be acquiring my brand new Vampire Counts battalion (just got to pick it up from the post office). So, does anyone have any good tips on how to paint these bog standard models? I was thinking for the skeletons: Undercoat of black, Ink wash of a medium/dark...