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    2.5k Swe comp

    The Swedish comp system is bringing more and more hate on 2x terror, but I try to make it work. I had to sacrifice my core section, magic weapon on the lord and my chaff. The plan is to pack all characters(except my scroll caddy) in the buss and crush one flank working myself to the middle...
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    2,5k Tourney Swedish comp

    I got this tournament in less then a month and this is what I come up with so far. The only thing I´d like to change is to put my Vampire Lord on mount to really being able to move around. I know that I lack Red Fury on the lord but since we playing comp at 10-17 I cant afford getting it unless...
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    2,5 K vs Ogre

    First time I fight a ogre player and im not quite sure what to expect so any tips are welcome. Last time he played I saw him use Leadbelchers(about 6), some Gnoblars, Sabretusk, Thundertusk, 2 either Scraplaunchers or Ironblasters and a death star with a Tyrant/bruiser and a Slaughtermaster. I...
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    2 augment spells

    Can you use 2 of the same augment spell on a unit and get the buffs x2. Also does it work on remain in play?
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    The other Trickster Shard

    I usually play against a HE with my VC and for long his Phoenix Guards have stood against my GG unit and hold their ground with ward save. Trying to break through them I´ve started to play with a Ghoul king with trickster shard etc. Now the question is about Dividing attacks, BRB says if you...
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    Mantic units in tournament

    Hi, was wondering where the most tournaments stand at using mantic skeletons etc. Im in need or around 60 new skeletons and 20 Zombies and dont feel like paying a small fortune for it.
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    2500 point vs High elf

    Since my last match ended in a lost vs my high elf mate im in need of a new setup. The problem last time was 3 things: First of had to many necros running around doing nothing Second nerfed my skeleton blocks to much to get some ghouls/dire wolves Third trying to have as many units close to...
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    Same spell twice?

    2 things I wonder about. First is if we are allowed to have the same necromancy spell on more then one caster or if its just the Invocation of Nehek. Also I read some where that if your character dont get to choose his spells and are forced by example Forbidden lore he can have the same...
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    2500 pts vs HE

    Vampire Lord Caster +1 Magic Level Hellsteed Master of Black Art, Dark Acolyte, Summon Ghouls 100 Walach´s Bloody Hauberk, Helm of Commandment, Earthing Rod Hero Vampire Support Master of the Black Art The Book of Arkhan, Enchanted Shield Vampire Fighter Dread Knight...