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  1. Sanai

    New Tyranid kit- Toxicrene/Maleceptor

    Finally, the tyranids have embraced Cthulu! Note that this is an individuals release, not a new codex for tyranids. The rules for the two monsters in the kit will be available via white dwarf and digital download.
  2. Sanai

    Shadows of the Undying King IC Thread

    PROLOGUE The End Times have come. Across the battle scarred old world, terrible omens and portents abound, more now than ever before. Anarchy, strife and war are on the rise in amounts not seen before in human memory. In the North, the armies of Chaos amass, united by Archaeon the Everchosen...
  3. Sanai

    Shadows of the Undying King Character Creation/OOC Thread

    Okay, here is the character creation/sign-up thread for the "Shadows of the Undying King" roleplay. First up, an introduction to the roleplay. It is a time of chaos and dark portents. Madness and calamity has spread throughout the lands of the old world, as terrible forces of destruction and...
  4. Sanai

    Whos is your Favourite Undead Character?

    So, I am curious as to who everyone's favourite Undead Character is! I will limit it to Special Characters who have rules, characters who are Mortarchs & Vampire Progenitors simply because otherwise it would be a huge list of every undead to crop up in the fluff... and Ulrika, because if I don't...
  5. Sanai

    Minor Chat issue

    I have noticed that when I go to post a link in chat, the blinky thingy where you type is placed in the wrong place This is what should happen (thing where you enter the link marked in blue) |[/COLOR]"]| instead, I get this |[/COLOR]] its a simple issue to fix once you notice that it is...
  6. Sanai

    Interest Check- Small 40k or Fantasy Freeform RP

    So, as I have in the past, I will post a series of ideas I have for roleplays I would like to play. Whichever one people are most keen on, I will run. Format will be freeform (no system or stats or dice rolls or anything, as that kind of stuff is too hard to run on a forum). I will be trusting...
  7. Sanai

    Dark Eldar on the Way.

    A teaser that is pretty obviously about the Dark Eldar is up on the GW website. Rumours say that there are no completely new units and that characters without models are getting trimmed out of the codex (like what was done with guard/tyranids/gray knights/etc). Expect existing units without...
  8. Sanai


    So I was having a discussion on warseer, and someone compared the idea of Nagash having a flying black pyramid to "Naxxramas, or the Necron Monolith". Someone then said "The Necron Monolith, because it predates world of warcraft". To point out how wrong they are about the Necron Monolith...
  9. Sanai

    Robin Williams RIP

    About a day ago, incredibly successful and famous comedian Robin Williams was found dead in his California Home, as a result of his apparent suicide. He was a very funny man, an amazing comedian and a very positive force in the world. He struggled for a long time with substance abuse and...
  10. Sanai

    Upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Releases- Including Nagash & new VC stuff.

    Edited: We can confirm the following that Nagash, Neferata, Arkhan the Black and Mannfred have been released, in addition to a new campaign with support background books and rules: Images from Grot Orderly...
  11. Sanai

    New 40k Turn-based Strategy game for PC & I-pads in beta- W40K: Armageddon

    http://slitherine.com/games/warhammer_PC So I noticed this- its a turn-based, hex based strategy game set during the second war for armageddon. Looks sort of like old turn based strategies like Panzer General. Its now going into closed beta. (Beta link below)...
  12. Sanai

    Fun With Dettol- A Guide to Paint Stripping

    So I have over the years experimented with various different ways of stripping paint. I have used Simple Green, Dishwashing Liquid and Windex... but none of them did me much good. Until I happened along to articles about paint stripping with dettol- so I decided to give it a try, and here is...
  13. Sanai

    Space Wolves are Coming!

    So according to Faeit, Space Wolves are coming. Now I wouldn't usually bother to post a Faeit rumour, but another source on warseer is backing them up with some pretty detailed information. From "Little Bird" on warseer, we have detailed rumours of 2 new flyers for the Space Wolves- the...
  14. Sanai

    Upcoming Mobile Game- Horus Heresy: Drop Assault

    http://dropassault.com/ So, Complex Games is working on this- a mobile 30k RTS. I don't know much about it, but the graphics sure look pretty..... looks like those old school command & conquer games, but set during the Horus Heresy. So, we finally have a video game of the Horus Heresy!
  15. Sanai

    New Set (Starter Set?) with Space Wolves vs Orks "Sanctus Reach: Stormclaw"

    To tie in with the Sanctus Reach campaign, they are releasing a new set of models- a boxed set containing Orks (Lead by Grukk Facerippa) vs Space Wolves (Lead by Krom Dragongaze). Not yet clear if this is a new starter set (to replace Dark Vengeance?) or just a boxed set to tie in with Sanctus...
  16. Sanai

    New 40k MMO- Eternal Crusade

    Eternal Crusade Website Eternal Crusade is a new MMO under development by Behavior Interactive. It is a 3rd person shooter style MMO, with horizontal progression in its RPG elements (a brand new player can kill a veteran player and vice versa, because one isn't a higher level than the other, he...
  17. Sanai

    Rumours- 7th or 6.5 Ed, New Orks

    So the rumours going around at the moment are; A new 40k rulebook. 6th ed rulebook has been pulled from stores. New book is either... 6th ed, reprinted with stronghold assault and maybe other expansions included in the core book, with all of the FAQ/ERRATA stuff included in the reprinted...
  18. Sanai

    Vehicular Invuln Saves?

    In the Helbrute Dataslate, one of the formations (Helfist Murderpack) has one Helbrute designated as a Champion in a unit of 5 Helbrutes. This Helbrute Champion gets the Champions of Chaos Special rule, as well as the Aura of Dark Glory rule. Aura of Dark Glory confers a 5+ invulnerable save...
  19. Sanai

    Mozilla in Trouble over Choice of New CEO

    As you can see in articles such as this one... Mozilla, the company that created the browser "Firefox" (which is in itself a fantastic browser), has come under fire for choosing Brendan Eich (co-founder of Mozilla and creator of Javascript). Now sure, he is very qualified for the job...