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    5000 points

    I got a pretty big game coming up and this is what im looking at running. Some is limited by what models i own Lord Lvl4 LoV Zombie Dragon, Lance Red Fury, QB, Tali of Pres, Nightshroud, OTS Heroes Lvl2 Death Coven Throne, Lance Aura of Dark Magisty, Armour of...
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    2500 combat oriented build

    Strigoi AoDM, RF, Dragonbane Gem, OTS, Ogre Blade Lvl2 vamp RF, Tali of Pres, Enchanted Shield Wight King NS, GW Wight King Iron Curse Icon 10 DW 10 DW 30 zombies 30 zombies 47 Skeletons FC, Banner of swiftness 40 GG, banner of Barrows terrorghiest terrorghiest...
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    Battle of Wills Q

    Just curious if the 3-5 result on the battle of wills effects warmachines in any way. since canons dont roll to hit, i would imagine not, but would stone throwers have to re-roll the scatter die if its a hit result?
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    3K tourney list

    Got a big tourney coming up and im just looking to get peoples opinion on how this might fare. The lord will be with the Black knight the banshee will be in with the ghouls the hero vamp and wight king will be in with the Grave guard Lord - 548 Lvl4 Vampire, Barded nightmare, Heavy...
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    Will this work with Death Shriek

    so going over the latest faq i noticed this Q: If a Tomb Banshee wishes to use her Ghostly Howl attack in close combat, does this have to be targeted against an enemy unit that the Tomb Banshee model is in base contact with? (p31) A: Yes. the key part i noticed was that it stated that the...