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  1. Duke Danse Macabre

    Engraving Name Plates

    Not so much about the models or even the basing. I am working on a number of things where some models I want them to be based on pedistles where other projects are on large boards built for display. Either way though I want the name of the character or army/ scene engraved on the board/...
  2. Duke Danse Macabre

    Vampire Counts Tournament 2000 Point List

    Heya guys Been playing allot of 40k this past year and only had 3 games with y vamps since last november so i am out of practice. Now I am heading to a tournament in the next few weeks so trying to refine a list. the Above army is a rough draft. I am thinking of running the Necros in...
  3. Duke Danse Macabre

    1000 Point Doubles Army

    I am currently gearing up for a 2k doubles tournament. 1k per player. Now my friend is taking dwarfs or if he can not finish painting in time my empire. The problem though I wanted to try a new force and i love shiny things so cue High Elves. At the moment My friend is looking at a...
  4. Duke Danse Macabre

    The Angelic Host

    I'm currently working a bit on my Blood Angels but I want a army which is as much a display force as it is a fighting force. (Thinking using it for a Armies on Parade) Now at 2000 points this is what i am working on, I am still however unsure about having the Sanguinor in the list so I have 3...
  5. Duke Danse Macabre

    Damn Fake Resin!

    I am getting damn sick of fake casts of Resin on Ebay. Just got my Boarding Marine in today, Paid £26.95, most where £190 more so i though i was getting a decent bargain, no negative feedback on the seller. The Resin is utter rubbish, darker, weak to the point it breaks in your hand, some parts...
  6. Duke Danse Macabre

    Empire 1500 - 2000 (All Comers)

    Now I am hoping to finish off painting this list ready for October, a fair bit is already done but I don't want to take my Vamps this time around. Also it would be nice to have a fully painted playable list. Now there is 2 comps one in November that is 1500, another in October which is...
  7. Duke Danse Macabre

    Iron Hands 1500 - 2000 Points

    I have been making a Iron hands army. Heavily Converted and it will be made using the Space Marine Codex and the new one when it comes out in what should be October. There is one special named character in the list which will be a converted model acting as but using his rules. Now this is...
  8. Duke Danse Macabre

    Seeking Battlefleet Gothic

    Currently seeking nearly all Space marine Battlefleet gothic ships. Main Ones however Is: Forge World Escort Craft: Hunter Gladius Nova Ramilies Class Starfort Thunder Hawk Squadron Games Workshop: Battle Barge If you have anything in said regards please mail me and I...
  9. Duke Danse Macabre

    BOLS Gone?

    Bell of Lost Souls and Faet212 are both down and it looks to be the hand of GW yet again. http://networkedblogs.com/KLSUz DMCA Complaint Looks like they are getting harsher yet again...... No Hobby news for us....
  10. Duke Danse Macabre

    More Images of New Eldar Updated 19/15/2013

    New Eldar is Coming! xD Got a pictire of a single character model so far due out but not much else. Image can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200129297857587&set=o.136033349788125&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf and here...
  11. Duke Danse Macabre

    New Forge World Open Day Mini's for Fantasy and 40K

    There was a bit more 40k so rather post in 2 places I will keep it here. A group of big new interesting looking beasties, a sexy warrior priest in need of some shoes and a whole host of HH stuff. Loving the look for the new land speeder as well myself. :thumbsup: The first 2 are the event...
  12. Duke Danse Macabre

    2k Pre-Heresy (Realistic?) Blood Angels

    Well I have been planning the start of my Pre heresy Army starting at 2k. Now there is allot more that I will have to expand into probs getting closer to 8k plus characters. With Primarchs, tanks and cool new stuff this won't be hard to do over the years. Anyway I have split the list into 2...
  13. Duke Danse Macabre

    High Elf Leak *First Image*

    We have known for a while they are the next warhammer army and warseer have had the list of whats to come for a long time but we have our first and only tid bit image now! xD http://lkhero.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/new-high-elves-pics.html Click the image when on the page to enlarge, not...
  14. Duke Danse Macabre

    New Forge World *Mini* Skitarii and Sniper Marines.

    Some sexy new forge world models out just a few days back, could not decide weather to make this a forge world thread or leave it as a one off till now. :P Anyway The marines look awesome and have sniper bolters, hell with the cloaks as well they will make excellent commanders with just a...
  15. Duke Danse Macabre

    New Tau Leaked

    Lets face it. We have all know it for a while but finally the new images have started to come out. Now with GW clamping down on rumours and now the Warseer High Elf thread being under investigation I am only going to link to the Images on a site. (not many so far)...
  16. Duke Danse Macabre

    Abaddon and Loken are Finally here! (And something new)

    They are finally here. Tempted to buy it just for the cape if I am going to be honest. xD http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/New_Stuff/ABADDON_AND_LOKEN.html
  17. Duke Danse Macabre

    Need Dark Angels Deathwing Terminator Torso's

    Heya all I find myself in need of some Deathwing Terminator front torso's. I need 5 of the ones from the knights with the front robes. This is for a convert and I rather not buy a £36 box to get 5 torso's. If anyone is in the UK and has some spare give me a prod and I will be happy to work...
  18. Duke Danse Macabre

    Need Terrorghiest White Dwarf

    I find myself in need of the white dwarf that had the old vamps rules in for our 7th edition update. This is the one with the vamp lord riding dragon on the cover when the TG model came out. The White Dwarf number is 380 I had it for ages but no clue where it has gone. :redface: Now I know...
  19. Duke Danse Macabre

    New Daemons (With Images)

    Daemons with pictures in the link below: http://plastickrak.blogspot.co.nz/2013/02/new-daemons-pictures.html Not hosting the images myself due to bother over this in the past and Carpe's stance on not posting the images as they can get us in trouble but feel free to have a look whilst they are...
  20. Duke Danse Macabre

    Bretonnian Comp List

    I'm working on a 2k Comp List for my Brets but I have never played a game with them and only one against them. (They are not popular being so old, go figure) LORD: 488 Lord: 229 Dawnstone (Rerolls to failed armour Saves) Armour of Agilulf (Counts as shield and heavy armour, gives weapon...